What is the name for an indoor sports court?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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it is an arena

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Q: What is the name for an indoor sports court?
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What is a name for indoor sports?

Indoor sports are just indoor sports. But if you want to get specific then you might say indoor soccer, indoor tennis, indoor football, etc.

What is the name of a room for indoor sports?


When did Indoor Sports happen?

Indoor Sports happened in 1987.

When was Indoor Sports created?

Indoor Sports was created in 1987.

How many sports involve using a court?

5: Basketball, Squash, Cricket, Volleyball ( Indoor ), and Tennis

How is volleyball similar to other sports?

It could be similar in the name because a lot of sports end in ball like basketball and football and baseball. It can relate because in basketball you play on a court and you play indoor volleyball on a court. It can relate to tennis because in both sports you serve. You also run in volleyball and in most other sports you run.

What is indoor and outdoor sports?

Indoor sports are as the name suggests, mostly conducted indoors. Such sports are f.ex indoor volleyball, basketball and bowling. Outdoor sports would be conducted outdoors, such as soccer, bicycling and cross country running. Although several sports can and is conducted both indoors and outdoors, according to f.ex season.

Is gymnastics an indoor or outdoor sport?

It is an indoor sport.

What are the indoor sports?

indoor sports is when you play volleyball, gameboards etc.... in ur house(INSIDE)

What are the steps required in order to build and manage an indoor sports arena?

The steps are not the issue, the issue is an indoor sports arena

What is the maximum ceiling height for an indoor badminton court?

maximum ceiling height of an indoor shuttlecock court

A room for indoor sports?