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if you're talking about the move you do (extending your arm and thrusting forward) to hit your opponent and score a point, then it is mainly called a lunge, although the part where you thrust forward could be called a "thrust". <<nooo, reeeally?

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Q: What is the name for a lunge in fencing?
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What is the fencing move to leap forward with one foot?

The Lunge.

What is a ballestra?

A ballestra is a rapid attack in fencing made by a jump forward and a lunge.

When did Romilly Lunge die?

Romilly Lunge's birth name is Ernest Romilly Maundrell Lunge.

What is the opposite of lunged?

In fencing, the opposite of lunged (attacked) is parried(defended).There is no opposite for the act to lunge, except that the opposite move might be to retreat or to evade.

What is the name of the foil fencing move where the fencer does a jump in place before executing a lunge?

Balestra. It is not really a jump in place, for the body should cover some forward distance, even more than the lunge that follows. When the balestra is executed correctly, the body does not hop up in the air(wasted movement) but springs forward in a way that looks like a regular lunge to the opponent. But instead of the trailing leg staying back, it is immediately brought up together with the lead foot. If the opponent has evaded this first attack, he might not be ready for the lunge that immediately follows.

What is a lunge in Tae Kwon Do?

The term "lunge" is used in Taekwondo to describe both a type of hand technique, and a particular stance. The "lunge strike" or "lunge punch" is done by turning the body sideways to the direction of the target so that both shoulders line up through the direction of the strike. A "lunge stance" is usually used in combination with a lunge strike. The typical back stance lines the front foot up with the rear heel or slightly to the outside. The back foot is turned at a 90 degree angle from the target, and the front foot, which points directly at the target is advanced about two foot lengths. Both knees are bent, and the weight is slightly shifted to the back leg (anywhere from 60/40 to 80/20). However, for the lunge stance, the front foot is extended one extra foot length forward (three feet from heel to heel), and the weight distribution is shifted to 50/50 being equal on both legs. The body (center of gravity) is also slightly lower in the lunge stance. This is similar to the lunge in fencing except that in fencing, the rear leg is extended straight, whereas in Taekwondo, both legs remain bent like a back stance.

What is the name of the helmet used in fencing?

It's just called "Fencing jacket"

What is a circular manoeuvre of the sword in fencing to block or defect a lunge?

Often called a 'circular parry' or 'counter ____' the blank being sixte, quarte etc where the blade is 'taken' and allows neatly for a riposte or disengage

What are fencing swords made of?

Usually the blade is made of some kind of bendy metal, so when you lunge or stab your enemy it is clearly visible. The inside of the blade and some of the handle has wire inside to electronically sense the details of the hit (who hit first, where did you hit, etc.) And also, a Fencing weapon is not tecnically a sword.

What is a fencing thrust called?

A thrust is an extension of the arm, an attack. Much of the time, it's simply called a thrust. It would not be used in Sabre, but only in Epee and Foil, as Sabre does not hit with the point.

What is a lunge ballet technique?

It is a lunge ballet technique

Use lunge in a sentence?

He made a lunge for the table.