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About 3-4 mpg.

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Q: What is the mpg for an f1 car?
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What is a race car's mpg?

This varies by race car by race car. The mpg spends on the kind of track, weather conditions, tyres, and how long the race is. Some race cars are designed for high mpg. Example is that a F1 car would do around 3-4 mpg whereas some can do as much as 60 but for oblivious reasons. The average mpg usually around 3-6 MPG.

What is miles per gallon of a formula one racing car?

Nowadays, F1 ars are not aloud to stop to refuel, to at the start they are filled to the top. A typial distance of a F1 race is about 305 KM or 189.51 Miles (2dp). On average, a F1 car in a race consumes around 75L per 100KM in which if you do the math is 3.136 MPG (US) or 3.766 MPG (UK).

What is the MPG of a formula one car?

Typically it's around 3.5mpg, which is bad by road car standards, but given the performance of an F1 car, it's actually an incredible technological achievement.

How many miles per gallon does a Mclaren F1 get?

12 mpg

Who have more power and lighter in weight GT1 car or F1 car?

F1 car has more power and it is lighter than GT1 car

How can you get a car to sound high pitched like a f1 car?

Buy a CD of an F1 and play it really loud or buy an f1. There is no way, it is in the engineering.

What brakes quicker an f1 motorbike OR an f1 car?

A Car by about 40 meters at 180 mph

Where can you RENT an F1 car or F1 full-sized replica car in the US for a trade show exhibit?

You can rent an F1 car from The Jordan Company in the UK. You may have to cover the cost of shipping it to the US.

What is the most mpg a car has?

Usually highway driving is where a car gets the most mpg.

Is an F1 car the fastest race car and if not what is?

The f1 cars can do about 240mph but the fastest car on earth is a production car it is called the Bugatti Super Sport and it can do 266mph

How much fuel does a F1 car hold?

A F1 car holds 180 liters of fuel. Although it does differ from car to car, depending how far the car needs to travel and what the person wants the weight to be of the car.

Is there a clutch on a f1 car?

Yes. A F1 car has a clutch. It is not like a normal clutch that you see in a normal road car. In a normal car when you use the clutch, the engine power does not get transferred to the flywheel and propel the car whereas in a F1 car even when the clutch is used the power gets transferred to propel the car.

Which is faster a mclaren f1 or a Ferrari f1 car?

Ferrari f1 because Ferrari f1 is faster than McLaren f1 Ferrari f1 has more mph (miles per hour) than McLaren f1 and Ferrari f1 has way more better aerodynamics than McLaren f1

WhaT IS the fastest car in gran turisimo 5?

The Ferrari f1 car worth 2,000,000 credits The Ferrari f1 car worth 2,000,000 credits

Where to get mpg calculator for my car?

You can get an mpg calculator for your car at the local custom car shops. They will install it for you if you buy it from them. They make them very fast for any car.

What is the average mpg on a midsize car?


How many doors does a McLAREN F1 car have?

The mclaren F1 has 2 doors

What is the Italian name for a F1 car seat?

Seggiolino auto di F1

Is an F1 race car manual?

No but the F1 cars have a flappy paddle gearbox.

What is japans fastest car?

Toyota's f1 car

Which gas is used in f1 car tires?

F1 teams use Nitrogen to fill the tires because of its low dilatation compared to air, a small dilatation in a F1 tire will result in unbalancing the car.

What is the f1 Ferrari car called?

F, and whatever year it was made. For example, if it was 2007, Ferrari's F1 Car would be called the Ferrari F2007.

What is the MPG on Chevy Cobalt?

The mpg for the cheby cobalt ranges from 24-26 mpg city and 34-37 mpg highway driving, depending on the transmission. Keep in mind that this is based on ideal car conditions and will be lower it the car is not maintained properly.

What is the gas mileage for the Mclaren F1?

Mclaren F1 VS Jaguar XJ-2202008 SLR McLaren641 HP, EPA 11 mpg / 16 mpg SLR McLaren Research &*

Where can you buy an f1 mclaren?

If you mean the car McLaren F1, you will have to find a owner which is willing to sell it.