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Q: What is the mound at the base of the thumb called?
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Where is mount of Apollo and Venus?

The mound of Venus is beneath the thumb. The mound of Apollo (sometimes called the mound of the sun) is beneath the ring finger

What is the type of joint at the base of the thumb?

The metacarpels are at the base of the thumb.

What do the pitcher stands on?

There is a pitcher's circle but no actual mound of dirt. There is a pitcher's circle but no actual mound of dirt.

What is the medical term meaning joint at the base of your thumb?

The base of the thumb, the first phalanx, makes a joint with a carpal bone called the trapezium, and the two articulate in a special joint called a saddle joint. You only have tow of these in your body, one at the base of each thumb.

Is the thumb a synovial joint?

yes there is a saddle joint at the base of the thumb.

Can a base runner lead-off the base in slow pitch softball?

NoOnly after the pitched ball goes outside, "an imaginary circle"* that surrounds the pitching mound.*I know because I was called out for leaving the base too soon...

What is the base that baseball runner must touch?

The pitchers mound

Why is thumb finger called thumb?

The thumb is called a thumb instead of a finger because it is smaller than a finger. A thumb also has 2 joints and a finger has 3.

What is an ant house called other than the ant mound?

An ant mound is often called an anthill. Pronounced ant-hill.

What is the exact distance from pitching mound base to home plate?


What does the curve of thumbs mean?

The curve of your thumb is the part where it looks rounded, at the base of your thumb.

How do you get rid of fluid in your thumb base?

Suck it..... ; )