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England is the birthplace of the game of Rugby

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Q: What is the mother country of rugby?
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What sports end in the letter y?

Rugby, hockey.

When was Country Rugby League created?

Country Rugby League was created in 1934.

In which country was rugby first played?

It was played first in Rugby School, Rugby, England in 1823.

In what country was rugby invented?

Rugby was invented in northern England

What country was rugby originated in?

In England, In a town Called Rugby

Which country did rugby come from?

It originated in the town of Rugby, England

When was King Country Rugby Football Union created?

King Country Rugby Football Union was created in 1922.

What country is rugby created?

Rugby football developed from a version of football played at Rugby School in England

What country is rugby orginated to?

Its begining originate in England (in the town of Rugby)

What country did rugby originally come from?

rugby originated in england, great britain, in a place called rugby from england,uk, in a place called rugby

Which country invented rugby?

It was invented as such in Rugby School, Warwickshire, England, Britain

Is track and cross country more popular in the world than rugby?

Track and Cross Country are by far more popular then Rugby.

Where can you buy custom rugby shirts?

From your mother

In which country is the rugby World Cup played?

The rugby world cup is played once every four years. It is held in a different country each time which is decided by the International Rugby Board. The next rugby world cup will be held in 2015 in England.

How long can't an international rugby union player play for another country after playing for a country?

a rugby union player can't play for another country after representing one country at senior level

What Country is Rugby played the most?

Rugby Union is the official sport of New Zealand.

What countries play touch rugby?

Almost every country who plays rugby league

How many registered for rugby union by country?

103 unions are registered with World Rugby

What is the country code and area code of Rugby United Kingdom?

The country code and area code of Rugby, United Kingdom is 44, (0)1788.

In which country did rugby originate?


Rugby is the national game of which country?

Rugby is not the national sport of any country in law, but it is considered to be the national sport, 'de facto', of Wales and New Zealand.

Which country has the most registered rugby players?

England. There are about 250,000 adult male rugby union players there.

What country plays rugby by their own rules?

None - The rules are enforced by the IRB - The International Rugby Board.

Which country won the 2010 rugby sevens series?

Samoa won the 2010 rugby sevens series

What country is hosting the next rugby world cup?

New Zealand/the best rugby team in the world