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Q: What is the most yards ever lost in a play of football?
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Who has the most college rushing yards ever in division 1 football?

Ron Dayne

What are the most yards ever needed for a first down in pro football including penalties?


Who has the most yards thrown in a single NFL football game?

Sonny Jurgensen has the most nobody knows how many because we ha all lost count but we do know that he has the most

What was the Longhorns most embarrsassing lost ever in football?

68-0 @ Chicago 11/5/1904

Who has throw the football for the most yards?

Brett fare

Who has the most yards after contact in college football?

Trent Richardson

What was the most yards lost in single NFL sack?


Who holds the most rushing yards in professional football?

Emmitt Smith

What is the most yards an NFL team has ever had to go on third down?

62 yards

Who rushed for most yards in one season in college football?

Ben Hayes in 1921 rushed for 3,928 yards.

How wide is a football field?

160 feet wideStandard football fields (as opposed to "arena football" fields) are 120 yards long, including the end zones, and fifty yards wide.25 yd

Who Has The Most Career Passing yards in high school football?

Ben Mauk threw for 17,364 yards from 1999-2002