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62 yards

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Q: What is the most yards an NFL team has ever had to go on third down?
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What are the most yards ever needed for a first down in pro football including penalties?


Who has the most rushing yards ever?

Emmitt Smith with rushing 18,355 yards.

What is the most yards Herschel Walker ever rushed for in a single game?

283 yards.

Who is the third most rushing yards for running back?

barry sanders

Who has the most yards from scrimmage ever?

Jake locker from uw

What is the most yards ever lost in a play of football?


What is declining a penalty?

Declining a penalty is when the team not receiving the penalty turns down the penalty on the other team. Penalties usually result in a loss or gain of yards and a replay of the down.ExampleIf the offense runs a play on third down and ends up four yards short of a first down but commits an offensive penalty the defense would most likely want to decline that penalty so that the third down play stands. If they were to accept the penalty the offense would get another shot and making the third down yardage even though it would be 9 yards to go (5 yard penalty) or 14 yards to go (10 yard penalty). Even though the penalty would back up the offense why give them another shot at completing third down yardage. Declining the penalty makes it fourth down with four yards to go and they most likely punt.

What division 1 college has the most rushing yards ever?


What running back had the most rushing yards ever?

Clem Daniels

Who has Most rushing yard ever?

Emmitt Smith with 18,355 yards

What are the most yards Peyton Manning has thrown for in a season?

In 2004, Peyton Manning threw for 4,557 yards, his most. It is likely he will break that in 2010, possibly reaching 5,000 yards (only the third QB to do it)

Who has the third most receiving yards in NFL history?

Isaac Bruce(St.Louis Rams)

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