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283 yards.

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Q: What is the most yards Herschel Walker ever rushed for in a single game?
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What is the most yards Herschel Walker rushed for in a game?


What is the most yards Hershel Walker rushed for in a single game?

two hundred and eighty-three

Who hold rushing yards in a season?

Herschel Walker

How many yards did Herschel Walker have in the 1981 Sugar Bowl?


Who was the USFL career leading rusher?

Herschel Walker, with the New Jersey Generals, rushed for over 5500 yards during his 3 seasons with the USFL:

Who is the all time leading rusher in SEC history?

Herschel Walker CORRECTION: As of Oct 31, 2009, Tim Tebow Not sure who the idiot is that made this "correction" but it is incorrect. Herschel Walker is still the all time leading rusher. In only three years, Walker had 5259 yards with a single season high of 1891 yards. In four years, Tim Tebow, had 2947 yards with a high of 910 yards (not even the highest among SEC quarterbacks for a season).

What Dallas Cowboy rushed for 99 yards on a single play?

Tony Dorsett

What was the most yards Jamal Lewis rushed for in a single game?

295 yards in a game against the Cleveland Browns in the 2003 season.

What was the most yards emmitt smith rushed for in a single season?

In 1995, Smith rushed for a personal best 1,773 yards on 377 carries. He won his last of four NFL rushing titles that season.

What is the combined total of yards rushed by both teams in Super Bowl XLII?

The Giants rushed for 91 yards and the Patriots rushed for 45 yards for a combined total of 136 rushing yards.

What college quarterbacks have passed for 300 yards and rushed for 200 yards in a single game?

Marques Tuiasosopo of Washington is the ONLY quarterback to ever do it.

What is SEC rushing record?

The SEC rushing record, in terms of most yards ran during a college career, was achieved by Herschel Walker. He ran for 5259 yards, and played for the Georgia Bulldogs.

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