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Q: What is the most wealthy sport game?
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What is the most active sport?

The most active sport game is Football

What is the most participant sport in the world?

Soccer game is the most participant sport.

Is falconry a game?

It is most often classed as a sport, or a form of hunting for sport.

What is the best sport game online?

There is lots of sport game online but i like most Stick Sport website here you can play every sport game.yummy yummy yummy

Do wealthy or poor get in to more sport?

I'm guessing both but id go with wealthy although poor people at my school go for every sport.

The worlds most popular sport is?

Soccer is the most played game in the world.

What is the world's most played game?

Board game? then the answer is Monopoly. Sport? then the answer is football (soccer)

What is the most popular sport in Nepal?

Well, national game is Dandi-Biyo but popular sport is football

What sport is the most lesbian sport?

rhien craig rachael and ellies strip twister game :p

Is softball a game or a sport?

Softball is both a game (a game of softball) and a sport (the popular sport of softball.

What Is The Most Skilful Sport In The World?

Hurling Would Be The Most Skillfull Game In The World

What is a pickup game?

I am pretty sure a pickup game is a game hosted by someone for fun. This can be a hockey, football, or really any sport. It can also be a card game or something but most of the time it will be a sport.

What is the national game of Spain?

Spain does not have an official national game. Soccer is the most popular sport.

The most famous sport in canada?

Hockey is the preferred game of Canada.

'What is the most popular sport in your country and why?

Most popular sport in Canada is Hockey. Why? It is too cold to play Beach Volleyball and Cricket is a strange game.

What sport has been played the most?

The most popular sport in the world is soccer, and that is a game that poor countries can play. So soccer would be a reasonable answer.

Is football a game or sport?

It is basically both a game and a sport.

What was the most popular sport in world war 2?

Football was the most popular game in WWII.

What sport is Cornell famous for?

Basket Ball and Hockey Game among the most popular game in cornell

Why is sport considered the most popular game in the world?

because playing on the computer is not an actual physical game

Is darts a sport or game?

darts is a sport

National game of Canada?

Officially lacrosse is Canada's national sport although hockey is the nations most popular and loved sport and most Canadians consider hockey Canada's national sport.

Why is the sport of basketball an icon?

caused most people enjoy and love the game

Why is soccer known as the world game?

Because it is the most popular sport in the world.

What is the national game of the us?

The most popular sport in the U.S is (American) Football.