What is the most watched tv event of the year?

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Formula 1 Racing over 500 million viewers in 2010.

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2011-05-13 14:25:14
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Q: What is the most watched tv event of the year?
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What is the most watched sport event on tv?

The Super Bowl

'most watched television event ever'?

the world cup

What is the Most watched sporting event on TV in the US?

The Super Bowl

Is Michael Jackson's memorial service the most watched tv event ever?


2 What was the most watched sporting event in television history?

I would say basketball or football

What is the most watched on tv single sporting event in the world?

the most watched sport worldwide is soccer because soccer is EVERYWHERE on earth and the world cup every 4 years is watched EVERYWHERE so soccer is your answer

What was the most watched TV show in May 1993?

It appears, The Wonder Years series finale was the most watched show for that month & year.

What is the most viewed show on TV?

The most watched TV show was the MASH finale.The most viewed one-off event was Super Bowl XLIII.

How many people watched 9.11 on TV?

im guessing billions worldwide, its the most famous impactful event in tv history, almost everyone on the planet know the event

What is the most popular program on TV?

"Most Popular" is a somewhat subjective phrase, but the only way to judge that would be TV ratings but there is not a singular "most popular" program. TV ratings change from season to season and what is the most watched one year may not be the same one the next year and most likely wouldn't be the most watched in 5 years. Then add in international shows and the most watched in America isn't going to be the most watched in England or Germany. So realistically, there really isn't an answer for your question, however you can visit the provided link and peruse the TV Ratings to see what is the current most watched program.

Which is the most watched TV network in the US?

ABC is the most watched channel in the fall.

What are the most watched television networks in the us?

The most watched television network is CBS. CBS has over five million viewers. ABC is the next most watched network and then the Disney channel.

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