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What is the most tries Ireland have scored in an International match and against which Country?

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Q: What is the most tries Ireland have scored in an International match and against which Country?
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Who did john aldridge score his first international goal against?

John Aldridge scored his first International goal for the Republic of Ireland against Tunisia at Lansdowne Road.

Who has scored the most international rugby points against their own country?

You cant score against your own country if you are a selected international you are considered of that country to be capped, so its No one.

Who scored a point against paudi o shea in all Ireland final?

David Hickey scored a point against him in the 1976 All-Ireland Final for Dublin. Paudge Quinn scored a goal for Tyrone against him in the 1986 All-Ireland Final.

Who was the last scotsman to score against England in an international?

Ray Houghton - he was born in Scotland, but scored the winning goal for the Republic of Ireland against England at Euro 88

Which famous international goalkeeper has scored twice in the English Premiership and once for his country?

Peter Schmeichel he actually scored only once in the premiership - for Aston villa against everton he scored once in the uefa cup - for Manchester United against Rotor Volgograd he scored once for denmark - vs belgium at euro 2000

Who is the oldest player to score for England in an international match?

Stanley Matthews was 41 years and 8 months old when he scored for England in the 2nd minute against Northern Ireland on 10 October 1956

What year did Gary pearce play rugby for wales?

3 caps total 2 in 1981 (Ireland, France) drop goal against Ireland 1 in 1982 against Ireland and scored a drop goal

Youngest Irish try scorer?

Well Tony O'Reilly must be a contender capped for Ireland at 18 scored at 19 against France and the youngest British and Irish Lion at 19 scoring against South Africa and going on to be the leading try scorer for them.

Which is tha country highest scored in oneday international cricket?

Srilankan Team

Who is the player who scored two centuries for two different international cricket playing nations?

Eoin Morgan -Ireland Then England

Top international cricket batsmen?

The top international cricket batsmen is brian Lara because he scored 400 not out against England

Which player holds the record for the most points scored for Ireland in rugby a match against Wales?

david humphries