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Figure skating.

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Q: What is the most talent oriented sport?
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Related questions

Why sport stars are good?

They're good because they most likely have natural talent, have been coached, and have practiced the sport all their life.

What sport makes the most money in the world?

Soccer in Europe. Basket-ball, Foot-ball in Usa It depends really.. It depends on your skills on that sport. If you have talent, then you can earn lots of money in any sport.

What are the most prominent occupations?

Doctors, Lawyers, Pharmacists, and if you have the talent then try Acting, Singing and some Major Sport.

What is the most useful talent to have?

that depends on the person. each person has a specific talent, and theres different jobs for different talents. if you were a juggler you'd be useful in a circus. Athletic, playing a sport.

What are sport talent components?


What is the sport with the highest talent base?


How can you get a talent scout to notice you?

If it is for a sport or activity, attend a main and well known competition to show off your talent. If in the high school age group, then participate in high school events and competitions so that college scouts, that are most usually looking for talent, will become familiar and interested with you.

Cheerleading sport or talent?

I think that that will depend on the person who you ask. I personally believe that cheerleading is a sport, because you have to be strong and agile, but for it to be a talent, only few could do it, which is not true. If you commit yourself to cheerleading, you could be good. I hope that helps. This is my first wikianswer.

How do you become a sport star?

Talent and lots and lots of practice.

What is pfstt definition?

Physical fitness and sport talent test

Component of physical fitness and sport talent test?


What is the meaning of PFSST?

Physical fitness sport talent test

What are the different PPFSTT?

Philippines physical fitness and sport talent test

Is sports a God gifted talent?

not necesarily you can be fat and be good at sport

How many children out of 100 will be a pro in a sport?

100 because they have talent

Definition of physical fitness and sports talent test?

Physical fitness and sports talent test determine the skill level of an individual and also the physical attributes. The test also useful in determining the person's habit and what is the most suitable sport that an individual should be participating.

What are the exercises under PFSTT the physical fitness and sport talent test?


What are the predictors of talent for individuals in sport?

Physical, Physiological, Sociological, Psychological + Skill :)

Objective of physical fitness sport talent test?

To determine your level of fitness

Is Irish Dancing a sport?

Irish dancing is a competitive activity that requires skill, talent, and a lot of dedication. It is most definitely a sport, even though it is a form of dance. And it is especially challenging because it involves quick, precise movements and complete muscle control.

What is the value of sports?

the value of sport u ask well for strengthening and talent and fun ! their are a lot of sport u should check in to them mars628

What is a the car Plymouth barracuda?

A sport-oriented "pony" car made by Plymouth from 1964-1974

What is Cody Simpsons favorite sport?

Cody Simpson's favourite sport is swimming, he use to be a competitor until he found that he had another talent, singing (L)

Components of PFSTT?

the components of pfstt is stand for physical fitness and sport talent test

What are the 5 talent predictors in sport?

i think it is skills, physical, social, phsysiological and psychological