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The Philadelphia Phillies Scored 23 Run In A Loss To The Cubs. (26-23).

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Q: What is the most runs scored in a loss by a major league baseball team?
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Whats the worst Major League Baseball loss record?

Tigers blow a 13-6 lead and end up losing 14-13 to the A's.

How did major league baseball teams reach the world series before 1968?

The team that had the best won/loss record among all teams in each league won their respective pennant and advanced to the World Series.

In baseball which player holds the major league lifetime record for pitching wins?

Cy Young (active from 1890-1911) had a career won loss record of 511-316. Both his win total and loss total are MLB career records.

Who scored Liverpool's first ever premier league goal?

Following a 1-0 loss in their first Premier League game away at Nottingham Forest, Mark Walters scored Liverpool's first ever Premier League goal at home against Sheffield United on 19-Aug-1992 to equalise a Brian Deane goal. Paul Stewart scored the winning goal in the second half for a 2-1 victory.

When was lincecum debuted?

Tim Lincecum's major league debut was on Sunday, May 6, 2007, in a nationally telecast baseball game against the Philadelphia Philles. He wound up with a no decision in the Giants' 8-5 loss.

How long did Ferguson Jenkins play in the Major League Baseball?

RHP Pitcher Ferguson Arthur Jenkins (a.k.a. "Fly") debuted in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Philadelphia Phillies on September 10, 1965 and ended his 19-year career on September 26, 1983, with a career Win-Loss record of 284-226 in 664 games (594 Games Started, 267 Completed Games), and a career ERA of 3.34.

What is the major league loss record?

100 by Jordan angel 100 by Jordan angel

What divisions play against each other in the Major League Baseball playoffs?

The team with the best won-loss record plays the wild card team, leaving the other two division winners to play each other.

What is the record for most wins without a loss in major lrague baseball?


What major league baseball team came in last in 2008?

The MLB team with the worst won-loss record in the 2008 season was the Washington Nationals at 59-102. The Seattle Mariners were 61-101 and the San Diego Padres were 63-99.

What Major League Baseball player has the lowest era in history?

RHP Edward "Big Ed" Augustine Walsh, who debuted in Major League Baseball MLB) for the American League (AL) Chicago White Sox on May 7, 1904, pitched 14 seasons in MLB -- all but one with the Chicago White Sox -- with a career Win-Loss record of 195-126 in 2964 innings pitched in 430 games (315 games started and 250 complete games). Walsh hold the MLB record for the lowest career ERA, posting a career ERA of 1.82.

How many loss in major league soccer have Liverpool have?

Liverpool have never played in MLS. However, if you are asking how many league games they have lost, it would be far too many to count unfortunately.

Was Warren Spahn a major league player?

He was the Braves' greatest left-handed pitcher. He pitched from 1942-1965. His win-loss record was 363-245. His ERA was 3.09. He was selected to 17 all-star teams and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973.

How many strike out di bob feller throw in his major league debut in 1936?

Amazingly, Bob Feller did not throw a single strikeout in his major league debut. He pitched one inning of relief on July 19, 1936, a 9-5 loss to the Senators.

Why was the name Philadelphia Blue Jays changed to Philadelphia Phillies?

It was never officially changed from the Phillies, which has been there official name since 1883. Some baseball writers in the 1940s began to call them the "Blue Jays" because of their blue caps, but that nickname was not recognized by the team, the National League, or Major League Baseball. The name of the team that lost on 1883 April 30 has remained the same till their loss on 2011 October 7.

What was Sandy Koufax's record in 1966?

In his final season in major league baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers' lefthander had a 27-9 record and a 1.73 earned run average. Because of an arthritic elbow, he retired after the Dodgers' loss to the Baltimore Orioles in the 1966 World Series.

Which teams have had the fewest losses in the Major League Baseball playoffs?

There have been two teams with 1 loss in the MLB playoffs, 11-1 records, no team has had a perfect record in the MLB playoff era. (2005) White Sox (1999) Yankees

What is the best major league win-loss record ever?

That would be the 1906 Chicago Cubs with a regular season record of 116-36 for a winning percentage of .763.

Who scored the most points in a men's college basketball game in a loss?

Wilt Chamberlain. Scored 100 but lost to Boston on Dec. 14, 1963.

What is the lowest amount of points Michael Jordan scored in a game?

He scored a low of 6 points while playing with the Wizards in a loss against the Pacers

If a baseball team loses 1-0 but the losing pitcher has no earned runs is he still credited with an L?

Yes! A loss is still a loss regardless how it happens. That pitcher could ALSO be credited with a no hitter if the run that scored was a result of errors and walks, and no batter successfully hit onto base.

Do interleague baseball games count as much as regular season games?

They count in the teams overall won-loss record just like all in-league games.

What determines home field advantage in baseball?

As far as the major league divisional and league championship series are concerned, home field is determined by the won-loss record a team has for the regular season. However, a wildcard team is always seeded forth regardless of it's record. For the World Series, home field advantage is determined by which league won the All Star Game. If the National League won the All Star Game the National League team will have home field advantage in the World Series. If the American Leaegue won the All Star Game the American League team will have home field advantage in the World Series.

Who scored the last football league goal in 20th century?

Darren Huckerby, playing for Manchester City, scored a penalty in the 90th minute of a Manchester City v. Charlton game, which kicked off at 15:00 UTC on December 30, 2000, the final goal in the Premier League in the 20th Century. Jarkko Wiss scored a goal in the 90th minute of a 3 - 2 loss for Portsmouth against Wolverhampton Wanderers, the latest goal in the First Division on that date. Gary Owers scored for Notts County in the 90th minute of an away game against Millwall, the latest goal in the Second Division on that date. The second, and final, goal in the only Third Division fixture on that date was scored by Torquay's Eifion Williams, in a one-all draw against Southend United.

What NFL team scored the least points in a Super Bowl?

The 1971 Miami Dolphins. The year before their perfect season, Miami scored only three points in a Super Bowl VI loss to the Dallas Cowboys (who scored 24).