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Q: What is the most runs scored in a comeback in major league history?
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How many runs was scored in major league baseball history?

About 1,650,000

What is the most runs scored after being behind in major league baseball history?


Who scored the first goal in major league soccer history in 1996?

Eric Wynalda

What team in major league baseball has the most comeback wins in 2010?

atlanta braves

Who scored the most runs in major league baseball?

ricky Henderson

In 2007 what was the highest number of runs scored in a major league baseball game?

30, scored by the Texas rangers

How many Major League Baseball games have there been in the history of Major League Baseball?


Most goals scored in an major league soccer game?

5, by Clint mathis

What is Jamie Moyer famous for?

Jamie Moyer is famous for many things baseball related. He is a pitcher in the Major League Baseball league that is looking to make a comeback at the age of 50.

What was the average total runs scored per game of Major League Baseball in 2008?

In the 2008 MLB season, the average runs scored per game in a National League game was 9.08 and in an American League game was 9.56.

What is the largest combined score in major league baseball history?

The Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies scored 49 runs between them on August 25, 1922. The Cubs won 26-23.

What Major League Baseball pitcher had the best change up in the history of the Major League Baseball?

brett bassani