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eight raund is the most in woman boxing match

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Q: What is the most rounds in women boxing match?
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What boxing match had the most knockouts?

A boxing match ends after a person gets knocked out so no more than one knockout per match.

What year will be women boxing will be?

Most women don't like boxing so maybe never

Most knockouts in single boxing match?

Do you mean knockdowns?

When did women start to do boxing?

Women's boxing was first established in 1904. Although, for most of the twentieth century it was banned in most nations.

Most money for a boxing match?

Oscar de la hoya

Who won the most boxing title match of all time?

mike Tyson

Most watched boxing match of all time.?

Mike Tyson vs

What is considered the most famous boxing match in history?

Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed in 1979

What is a boxing 'no contest'?

"No contest" as a result of a boxing match indicates no result for either opponent. The rules vary under different organizations, but most assign the term to fights which cannot conclude due to circumstances beyond the control of either fighter (acts of Nature, emergencies, or such happenstances as an inadvertent headbutt). Some restrictions list the number of rounds a fight must proceed to apply no contest.

What are some of the most famous foxy boxing performers?

Foxy boxing is a sport entertainment which involves two or more women boxing (or pretending to do so) in a sexualized content as a form of erotic entertainment. The most successful female boxer is Mia St. John.

What is the most common type of body weight exercise for women?

Most women will do aerobics, sit ups and abdominal exercises. In fact the stomach area is what most women work on the most. In recent year kick boxing has become very popular.

What was Muhammad Ali most famous for?

Muhammad Ali was originally known as Cassius Clay, and is most famous for both his epic boxing history, and his manner of achieving such status. His style, most notably his pre-match hype and "psyching" of the opponent, often rhyming, was as important as his mastery of boxing itself in making him a Legend of Boxing. He was named Sportsman of the Century in 1999.

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