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The most recent "established" martial art would have to be mixed Martial Arts or MMA. Unfortunately there is some debate to whether or not this an original martial art because it's just an amalgamation of several techniques from other martial arts. It combines everything from Judo to Greco-Roman Wrestling.

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Q: What is the most recently established martial art?
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Was pankration the first martial art?

No; most martial arts historians are in agreement, that it is wrestling which holds that honor. No, actually, the first real martial art is believed to be an inian martial art known as Kalarippayattu.

What is martial art bourne?

If you're asking where martial arts was born ... Then most believe it was born in China , and that , " Kung Fu" was the first martial arts form.

What is the most common known and deadly martial art?


Is judo a martial art?

Yes, Judo is a martial art that was based on JuJitsu.

What is lock flow and what style Martial Art is it?

Its not a martial art its a training drill.

What is the best place to learn martial art in VA?

It is Majest Martial Art.

What are the martial arts that have weapons?

ken-do in a form of martial art that uses primarily swords, although most martial arts use weapons at some level.

What is the Brazilian martial art based on dance?

Samba (the most famous one) Pagode Forró Axé Frevo and some others

What martial art did they use on la femme nikita?

Mixed Martial Art (MMA)

Type of karate is deadliest?

the most destructive type of martial art is taekwondo

Where were martial arts originated?

Most places have some type of martial art. The were created anywhere that man had conflict with other men.

What is the quickest martial art to get a black belt?

The study of any martial art is not 'quick.' It requires study and hard work. Most schools and systems require a minimum of three years.