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I think its #38 to be honest

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What NFL player wears jersey number 65?

What NFL player(s) wears jersey #65

What is the number 1 player jersey sold in the NFL?

Right now, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is the highest selling jersey, not only the number one selling jersey in the NFL but of all major sports.

What is the number one NFL jersey?

Right now it is Tim Tebow.

What NFL jersey numbers haven't been used?

Every number from 1 to 99 has been used as a NFL jersey number at one time or another. The numbers 100 and above have never been used.

Why is 99 the biggest number on a jersey in the NFL?

because the size of the numbers are set

Who wears jersey number 11 in the NFL?

Larry Fitzgerald WR Arizona.

Who wears jersey number 54 in the NFL?

brian urlacher of the chicago bears

Who has worn jersey number 77 in the nfl?

Lyle Alzado of the Oakland Raiders

Can you wear number 0 playing football?

No, it is not possible to wear the number 0 on a football jersey. However, the 0 jersey was issued in the NFL before the number standardization in 1973.

What are NFL jersey sales figures?

n nfl jersey sales 2012

What is the best NFL quarterback jersey number?

I would say number 7. i would say 81

Who in the NFL wears number 34?

Byron Westbrook of the Washington Redskins wears jersey number 34

Ho wore the number 6 jersey in the NFL?

Benny Friedman wore number 6 and is in the HOF.

What do the white and gold stars on an NFL jersey mean?

The stars on NFL jerseys simply means the person assigned that jersey is a captain. The number of stars is the amount of years they have been a captain.

How do you get an NFL jersey pro cut?

You order online, "NFL Pro cut jersey."

Which NFL player wears the number 2 jersey?

A Quarterback - e.g JaMarcus Russell

Which NFL player wore number 2?

Matt Ryan is plays in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons. His jersey has the number 2. He won the Super Bowl in 2012 with the Falcons.

Which NFL team retired Dwight Clark's number 87?

49ers Dwight Clark, whose jersey number 87 was retired by the San Francisco 49ers, made one of the most memorable catches in NFL history in the 1982 NFC Championship.

Number on a NFL Referee's jersey indicate?

Smaller the number, the longer service on the field, the higher salary they receive

What is Tim Tebow's number going to be for the NFL?

Currently it appears that he will wear jersey number 15 for the 2010 season.

What does the C logo on a NFL jersey stand for?

The C logo on a nfl jersey stands for Captain.

Who wears jersey number 35 in football?

In the NFL, jersey numbers 20-49 are typically given to running backs or defensive backs.

Who wore number 5 jersey in nfl?

Paul Hornung of the Green Bay Packers was the best to wear number 5.

Who wore jersey number 78 in the NFL?

Anthony Munoz and Bruce Smith were two of the best to wear number 78

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