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Jordan farmer wears whitey tidies

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Q: What is the most popular type of womens underwear in the world?
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What is the most popular style of womens underwear?

the most popular style of underwear for women is the thong or the g-string. cause it shows off the girls butt and makes them look sexy.

What is the most popular female sport?

The most popular womens sports are in order:SoccerTennisBasketballSoftballVolleyball

What is the most popular underwear color?

Tidy whites.

What is the most popular style of men's underwear?

You can go to FashionTIY, They have the best and cheapest men's underwear!

Whats the most popular brand in womens jeans?

Levi's or J brand is the most popular

What is the most popular color underwear?

i would say pink

What is the most popular male underwear in the United Kingdom?


What are the six most popular womens shoe sizes?


What is the most popular item of clothing in the world?

Either shirt, pants, or underwear. But I'd say pants. (well, stuff you wear there such as a skirt)

What is the most popular underwear style for 12 year old boys?


Can men wear women's underwear?

Yes a lot of men do secretly wear womens underwear, but they do not make it known to others for fear of being being harassed by other men (and woman) and being seen as weird. Some women do like their partners to wear their underwear during sex to make it more exciting. Some men simply like to wear womens underwear due to the risk of being caught and the thrill it gives them or simply just like the feel of it under their clothes. Most men won't admit it but at some point they have tried wearing womens underwear.

What type of underwear is the most popular for guys?

2 main types: Boxers and Briefs.

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