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I am not sure

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Q: What is the most popular sport middle school students play?
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Is middle school marching band a sport?

Hell no!!If that was a sport all the nerds would be popular

What is the most popular sport in Botswana?

it is football, because students in school played well, and it is very popular

How popular was basketball when it was first invented?

It started as just an indoor sport for the students at Springfield High School. When it became a professional sport it was the most popular sport at the time.

What sport for girls is so popular in middle school?

soccer ,softball,cheerleading,and or ping pong

How can sport impact school students?

sport can impact on school students as it's keping them active so they are not always stuck behind a desk

In Justin's school 0.825 of the students participate in a sport. If there are one thousand students in Justin's school how many students participate in a sport?

this is the answer 100+200+300+225 = 0.825

What sports are popular in the Middle East?

what sport is popular in the middle east football

What is the most popular sport in American schools?

Football is the most popular school sport.

In Tasha's school 0.600 of the students participate in a school sport If there are one thousand students in tasha's school how many participate in a school sport?

.6 x 1000= 600 what sports do you participate in?

What is the most popular sport college students play?


How many people play high school football in the US?

There are around 1,088,158 high school students that play football in the United States. This makes it the most popular high school sport.

What is a pouplar sport at school?

usually a popular sport at school is soccer , football, basketball, and volleyball

Did people do the sport of boxing in the middle ages?

Boxing was a sport in ancient times and remained popular through the Middle Ages.

Why should baseball be a sport in middle school?

it should be a school sport because the kids that like baseball can play for the school

What percentage of high school students are involved in a sport?


Do Japanese high school students play sport on the weekends?

not at the moment ;)

What is the most popular high school sport?


Where can you watch middle school basketball games?

at st thomas middle school go there if you want bad sport games

Is softball a popular sport in th US?

Yes and no. it is not as near as popular as soccer, but more popular than lacrosse. almost every school has softball as a sport.

Is the College Bowl nationally televised?

Yes the College Bowl is nationally televised. The College Bowl is a very popular sport among college students, former college students, and college teachers. Students and teachers often show a lot of school spirits.

What percentage of high school students play more then one sport?

Around about 1 third of High school students but it also depends on the type of school and where it also located.

What is the average middle school sport season?

About 2.5 months.

What is an example of a statistical question?

What is the favorite sport at _____ middle school.

What percent of high school students are not involved in a school sport?

A statistically sound answer to this question is impossibly to obtain.

What are some important things about middle school sport?

the important thing about middle school sports is that it teaches team work and sportsmanship.

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