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mostly soccer

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Q: What are popular sports in the Middle East?
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Related questions

What sports are popular in the Middle East?

what sport is popular in the middle east football

What sports are played in east Africa?

Kenyans are handy at cricket, football is popular wherever, and East African states have traditionally excelled at middle and long distance running.

What is the most popular B2B website in Middle East?

One of the most popular B2B website in the Middle East is Biztrumpet.

Sports played in the middle east?


What are the 3 main religions in the middle east?

Muslim, Jewish,and Christian are the most popular religions in the middle east

What religion was not a popular religion in the twentieth century Middle East?

Buddhism has at least 20 percent of popularity in the middle east.

How can you watch Wimbledon on tv in the middle east?

Abu Dhabi Sports

Is backgammon Arabic?

no...but it is wildly popular in the Middle East

What is the most popular city in the middle east?


Is KPop popular in Middle East Asia?


What sports are played in the middle east?

The most common sport played throughout the Middle East would have to be soccer. But many other sports are also played, such as football, volleyball, basketball, and tennis, although these are mainly played by children.

Are there sports in middle schools in china?

Yes there is in fact it is very popular

Is badminton famous through out Asia?

Its relatively popular in East Asia, but in countries like India, Pakistan etc the number one sport is Cricket followed closely by Football. In the middle east football has a big following and mostly invasion sports.

Which television channel will show the fa cup final in the middle east?

zee sports

Where is Muslim most popular?

North America and the Middle East is where it's MOST popular but it's also popular else where.

Why did Islam become so popular in the middle east?

Because its the truth.

Is abdifatah famous?

it is an unusual name but a nice name and popular in middle east countries

What are some popular summer sports?

Athletic sports such as..sprinting, hurdles Jumping throwing, Middle distance - 800m, cross country

What is Malaya dance?

Malaya is the part of Arabic Dance,which is popular in Middle-East.

What is the most popular religion Middle east Southern Asia or Central Asia?


What is the most popular soccer team in the middle east?

Real Madrid & Barcelona.

What do Muslims believe about the Holocaust?

Holocaust denial is popular among many in the Middle East.

What country in the middle east and north Africa widely practices Judaism?

ISRAEL is a country in the Middle East and North Africa where Judaism is the most popular religion. Judaism does not exceed 0.5% of the population in any other country in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Which religion is least prominent to the middle east?

Beside the three popular religions; Islam, Judaism and Christianity, there are many religions which are not prominent in the Middle East, such as Rastafarianism, Shinto, Wicca and many, many more.

Why isn't opera popular in the Middle East?

because no one has a good taste of musi lol