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NRL in Australia, is the far most popular RL world-wide, because of the amount of supports. NrL is ranked second "most popular sport'

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Q: What is the most popular rugby league?
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Do Australians prefer Rugby League or Rugby Union?

Rugby league is by far dominant in Australia. Union is the fourth most popular code of football, after Rugby League, Australian Rules and Soccer.

What is more popular English rugby league or Australian?

Australian Rugby League is most likely to be more popular because soccer is the main sport of england.

Is rugby league the most popular Australian sport?

Rugby League sits second, AFL is first, and cricket is third.

What is the most popular water sport in sydney?

The most popular is mostly rugby league but there is also union,AFL,soccer,swimming and many more The most popular is mostly rugby league but there is also union,AFL,soccer,swimming and many more

What are all the rugby league teams?

Rugby League is played in 34 countries and is most popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, Papua New Guinea and France.

What is the most popular thing in Australia?

Mostly Cricket and Rugby League.

On Average What rates the most popular sport in Australia?

Rugby league

What is the most famous sport in Sydney?

The most popular sport in Sydney is Rugby League!

What is the most popular sport in UK?

1)soccer 2) rugby union 3) cricket 4) rugby league

How many rugby league players are there in New Zealand?

Rugby league is thirds New Zealand most popular sport, so im guessing a fair few

How many people play rugby in New Zealand?

Rugby Union is NZ second most popular sport Rugby League is fourth.

Where is rugby league popular?

Rugby League is spreading around the world by most popular in; Australia England New Zealand Tonga Samoa

What were the most popular sports in the 1960s in Australia?

Cricket, Rugby League and Australian rules football.

Do australians like football more than rugby league?

Football meaning AFL or Soccer? Rugby League is more popular than soccer in Sydney also as well as AFL. Whole of Australia, AFL is most popular sport, and Rugby League is second and soccer is 4th just after cricket.

Is premiership rugby union or league?

Well it can be either there is a premier league for both but the most popular one is rugby union they more or less have the same teams except reasonably different rules.

How popular is the Rugby League in Australia?

Rugby League is very popular in Australia. It gained more TV Viewers than the entire Cricket World Cup.

What is more popular rugby uniun or rugby league?

Rugby League is very popular in Australia, drawing huge attendances for games, however, world wide Rugy Union is generally the preffered sport.

Do South Africans play Rugby league?

South Africa, rarely play Rugby League because soccer and union are very popular over there, but Rugby League is increasing with the fans.

How is rugby league related to Australia?

Rugby League is apart of Australia's history. Rugby League has been played in Australia over a hundred years now. We have won tourments by vsing other countries such as New Zealand and England. The NRL has been running a Rugby League game in Australia for years now, and by their sucessful rate, rugby league holds second in Australia's most popular sports, and Rugby League world wide, has the biggest fans supporting it, in Europe and Australia.

Why is Rugby League underated?

Rugby League isn't underated. It's not popular because of competition such as Rugby Union and Soccer. Rugby League is spreading in all areas of the world, countries such as Lebanon and Saudi-Arabia are starting competitions like NRL in Australia. In the pacific countries Rugby League remains very heavily and it's number 1 sport in Samoa, Tonga, Papa new Genuia, Cook islands, New Zealand and second most popular sport in Australia, after Aussie Rules.

What is famous rugby team in Australia?

Original answer is not true.This depends on which 'Rugby' we are talking about - Rugby League or Rugby Union?Rugby League: Brisbane Broncos, they are the most famous and most popular sporting club in Australia, the most supported sporting club in Australia, the most successful over the past 20 years in Rugby League History and also the most known Rugby League club in the world.Rugby Union: Brumbies and QLD Reds, both are the only teams to win the Super Rugby competition from Australia. The Queensland Reds always produce the largest audience for a Rugby match in Australia and are always re-knowned for their flair. The Brumbies are the most successful Super Rugby team in Australia.

Is Rugby Union more popular than Rugby League?

It depends what part of England or the world you live as rugby union is a rich mans sport and rugby league is for normal people.

3 most popular sports in France?

Cycling, football and jeu de boules. Rugby union and rugby league are also immensely popular (the latter especially in the south and south-west of the country).

Is rugby league dangerous?

Rugby league is very dangerous. The most dangerous thing in rugby league is conor mac he WILL break you in half

How many people like Rugby?

Rugby League is Australia's second most popular sport. Rugby Union is played in alot of countries including SA, NZ, England and Europe.