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Which example of nonverbal communication does Al Gore use in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech

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Q: What is the most popular college basketball team in New York?
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What are the most popular college sports?

Football Basketball

What is most popular college football or college basketball?

College football is more popular, by total views on the television network.

What is the most popular team sport in Indiana at both the high school level and the college level?

Basketball is the most popular.

Which sports is most popular in new York?

To the best of my knowledge Rugby is the most popular game in new York.

What are the most popular jersey numbers worn in college basketball?

21, 1 and 23

What state produce the most college basketball players?

Either Cali or New York or Texas

What is the most common college mascot in college basketball?

A lion is the most frequent College Basketball mascot.

What is the most popular team in basketball?

In all of basketball, the most popular team would probably be the Los Angeles Lakers. In college basketball, the most popular team would be either the Duke Blue Devils or the North Carolina Tar Heels. The popularity of teams differs widely depending on the area.

What is the most popular sport for Chinese boy?

basketball is the most popular one. altheletics is also popular, but basketball is better.

Which is most popular sport basketball or baseball?


What are the most popular college sports in the US?

The three most popular college sports in the US are basketball, football and soccer. However there are others, swimming is very competitive, there are also rugby union, lacrosse and volleyball. There are also relatively new sports that are popular, such as Ultimate Frisbee.

Which the most winner duke or Notre Dame college basketball?

duke or notre dame college basketball most win series??