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Q: What is the most points magic Johnson has scored in a single game?
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How did magic Johnson become famous?

Magic johnson became famous when he scored 36 points 16 rebounds and 16 assist in one single highschool basketball game. Magic johnson ended up in the NBA where he was drafted to the LA Lakers and won many chanpionships and many all star awards aswell

What team did magic Johnson play for and what number did he play?

Magic Johnson has scored 17,707 points during his career in the NBA. He has a career average of 19.5 PPG during his career.

How many points did Magic Johnson score in the NBA?

Magic Johnson had a total of 48 points during the 1992 Olympic games. Johnson's stats during his six Olympic games were:48 points - 8 PPG14 rebounds - 2.33 RPG33 Assists - 5.5 APG8 Steals - 1.33 SPG1 Block - 0.16 BPG6 Turnovers - 1 TPG

How many career points did magic Johnson get?

17,707 points in the NBA

What was Magic Johnson's ppg in his career?

Magic Johnson's career points per game average in the NBA was 19.5.

Is Larry bird better than magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson is good, but if you look at the stats Larry Bird is better. They are both 6' 9", but Johnson played point guard so he obviously has more assists but Bird has more points and rebounds.

Is magic Johnson single?

Yes. He is married to Richard Guo.

What nicknames does Magic Johnson go by?

The nickname "Magic" was given to Earvin Johnson by a sportswriter, who saw the 15-year-old basketball play in a high school game. He made 36 points, 16 rebounds and 16 assists, and did it so beautifully that the journalist referred to him as "Magic" Johnson. The name -- and the prowess on the court -- stuck.

What type of person is Magic Johnson?

single mother of 4 i think

Highest points scored by tracey mcgrady?

62 againts the wizards while he was still on the Orlando magic

How many points did ervin magic Johnson score in his first nba game?


What is Andre Johnson dads name?

Magic Johnson