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head lock

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Q: What is the most painful submission hold in pro wrestling?
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What Is The Most Painful MMA Subbmission Hold?

Every joint submission when applied beyond limits.

What is the most painful submission hold in mma?

As simple as it is, I'd say the Kimura. The most horrible thing anyone could do to me is another hold (which I will not divulge publicly) but the Kimura is pretty much a guaranteed submission once it's on properly.

What is the phrase used to the wrestling hold?

the sleeper hold is the most used

What are 3 different ways to win a wrestling match?

The three most common are pin fall, submission and DQ.

What is the most painful wrestling move?

If locked in properly the figure four leg lock or the single legged Boston crab

What is the most well rounded fighting style?

IF there was one fighting style to choose, it would be wrestling. It is wrestling because it the best base for controlling whether the fight is standing or goes to the ground. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is most likely second. There are different kinds of wrestling such as Greco-Roman, Catch a Can, Submission, Freestyle, etc.

Do most wrestling coaches teach the reverse figure-four head scissor hold?

yes they do

Is WWE wrestling real?

Most of the time it is not real and only for entertainment purposes, some of the wrestling matches are real though. Sorry but no wrestling is not fake it is scripted which is two different things. The wrestling moves are very real and very painful have you even been in the ring didn't think so. I have.

What wrestler hold the most submission victories?

I think i give regard to wrestle mania HULK HOGAN during his reigns he is the best whooo i love him is a very wrestler at his time. If you love him so much you would know the was not a submission wrestler he never won by submission

What is the most painful high school wrestling hold?

AnswerThere are a few.1. The Double Chickenwing pin, oh that really hurts 2.The crossface that can break your nose 3.The banna splits I am currently a high school statechampion at 103 pounds, another extremely painful move from the legs is the guillotine or the double superman, there is also the tsunami or sukahari from the stand position.

What is the superlative form of painful?

most painful

What is the comparative and superlative to the word painful?

more painful, most painful

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