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Out pattern pass

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Q: What is the most intercepted play in the NFL?
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Who has intercepted the most passes in a nfl playoff game?

Deion Sanders

Who intercepted the most passes in an NFL game?

Michael T. Black

Who intercepted the most passes NFL 2008?

Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens with 9.

Can you return a intercepted two point conversion for a touch down?

In college, you can do that. In the NFL, the play is dead when the ball is intercepted. Using NCAA RULES. if the interceptor runs backward into the endzone and is tackled was is the outcome? Is it a safety? is it a touchback for the interceptors team? Is the play dead? Please answer?

Who threw the most interceptions in a single NFL season?

Most Passes Intercepted, Season, 42, George Blanda, 1962 season

If a two-point conversion is intercepted can it be run back for a touchdown?

No.In the NFL, if a pass is intercepted on a two-point conversion, the play is dead.In college football, if a pass is intercepted on a two-point conversion, the intercepting team is given the opportunity to gain as much yardage as they can. Should they run the ball all the way into the end zone, they are awarded two points.

In the NFL can you score on a intercepted two point try?

No. All other levels leading up to the NFL you can though.

Who threw the most interceptions in a single NFL game?

The NFL record for passes intercepted in a single game is 8 thrown by Chicago Cardinals QB Jim Hardy in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles in 1950.

Who intercepted farve's first nfl pass?

LB Andre Collins of the Washington Redskins who returned it for a TD.

Least intercepted qb in NFL history?

donovan mcnabb. he has had 4300 passes and only 90 int.

What is the play most used in the NFL?

HB dive

What NFL team had the most Heisman winners play for them?

Detroit lions

Which player holds the record for most intereceptions in an NFL season?

In a season for most thrown interceptions is George Blanda, Houston, 1962 with 42. In a season for most passes intercepted is Dick (Night Train) Lane, Los Angeles, 1952 with 14.

What is the NFL record for most turnovers in one play?


Do you need to play college football to be in the NFL?

No, but most players do.

Who holds the record for the most interceptions in the NFL?

The quarterback who has thrown the most interceptions is Brett Favre, who through the 2010 season has thrown 336 career interceptions. The record for most interceptions by a defensive player in a career is held by Paul Krause, who intercepted 81 career passes.

Can you play in the NFL with a GED?

It is possible to play in the NFL with a GED, although it is very unlikely that it would happen. Most players go to college for at least 2 years, and usually NFL scouts find their players through college recruiting.

What NFL team holds the record for most interceptions in a game?

The Philadelphia Eagles intercepted Chicago Cardinals Quarterback Jim Hardy 8 times on September 24, 1950. The Eagles won the game 45-7.

Which NCAA Conference has the most players ever to play in the NFL?


What are the top 10 colleges with the most players to play in the nfl?


Which college has had the most to play in the NFL?

i would guess the U in Miami

If a two-point conversion is intercepted can it be ran back for a touchdown?

In the NFL, no. In other levels of football, yes, and it is worth 2 points.

How many years on average does an NFL football player play?

In 1970, the average NFL player lasted nearly five years in the league. By 1986, he had a three-year stay, a downward trend that continued as the league adopted more pass-happy formations, such as the West Coast offense, according to the NFL Players Association. A vested NFL player (meaning they get their pension after retirement) has to play a least 4 years. It's a short stay for most and this is why you see athletes trying to get the most money from NFL owners. Most NFL players as of 2010 play for an average of 10 years, but it also depends on the position that you play and the shape that you are in.

Where did Andy reid play NFL football?

He didn't play in the NFL.

Can women play in the NFL?

There is nothing in the NFL rulebook that states women cannot play in the NFL, or that the NFL is for men only.