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57 University of Evansville vs Indiana State University 1-17-2009 Evansville In

Missouri Valley Conference

Not anymore! 2-23-09 #15 Kansas vs #3 Oklahoma 60 fouls total, (29 KU, 31 OU)

1-16-10 #12 Kansas State vs Colorado 68 total fouls

November 12, 2010

Texas A&M 34 fouls

Alcorn State 36 fouls

Total: 70


91 fouls is the NCAA Men's Basketball Record and NCAA Division II Men's Basketball Record.

Northern State had 51 fouls (an NCAA record for a single team in a game) vs Southern Indiana (with 40 fouls) in a triple overtime game on November 15, 1997

The Division I Record: 84 fouls between Arizona (50) and Northern Arizona (34) on January 26, 1953

The Division III Record: 80 fouls between Grinnel College, IA (46) and St. Norbert College, WI (34) on January 8, 2000

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Q: What is the most fouls committed by both teams in an NCAA basketball game?
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