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Q: What is the most expensive brand of commonly used golf ball?
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What is the most expensive brand for golf balls?

I think the most expensive and best brand for a golf ball is titleist. It is sold about €35 every dozen

What is the most expensive brand of golf ball?

Titleist, Srixon, Callaway, Nike and Taylormade are the most expensive. Their top ball range costs around £35 a dozen.

Where is hydrogen commonly found?

golf ball

How can I replicate a golf club swinging machine for school I want to test which brand of golf ball flies the farthest?

An Iron Byron but its expensive I would recommend u dont try

What is the top selling brand golf ball?


Why are there numbers on a golf ball?

Numbers on a golf ball are there to help players identify their golf ball. As many players play the same brand the number will let them know if the ball is theirs or not.

A real golf ball has?

Dimples. A brand name, ball type and number.

What is the most expensive golf ball?

titleist,48.50 cents

What type of golf ball is durable and less expensive?

Any distance golf ball should be more durable and less expensive then most other types of golf balls. They are made with two layers and are hallow in the center which makes them less expensive and yet durable.

Is wilson a good golf ball brand?

Yes, they are decent enough, they would be an intermediate brand.

How much do you sell a golf ball for?

Depends on brand, model and condition.

When should you change your golf ball?

You are only allowed to change your golf ball before you have commenced on a given hole, the exception being if you lose a golf ball. You should clearly state to all playing partners that you have changed your ball and what brand and number it is.

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