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Nothing Canada don't care abouts sport if they did then it had to be Baseball. but then again Canada are the worst sporting team in the world right after Fiji

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Q: What is the most exciting sport in Canada?
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What is the most exciting sport in the Winter Olympics?

I think the most exciting sport is the figure skating. I like watching the couples ice skate.

What is the most exciting sport?

the most exiting sport is football because most people watch it

What is Canada's 2nd most favourite sport?

Canada's most popular winter sport is Ice Hockey Canada's most popular summer sport is Lacrosse

Why is bowling exciting?

Bowling is an exciting sport because it is fun. If you have friends you can have a competition to see who it the best. That is why it is a exciting sport.

What is the most exciting sport in the US?

In my Opinion i love to play soccer.So soccer for me.

What is the most exciting sport to watch on Television?

In my opinion almost any contact sport such as rugby, American football, or hockey.

What are Canada's sports?

The most popular sport is ice hockey but the official sport of Canada is lacrosse.

Why is hockey so popular?

Because it is the most demanding, exciting, and skilled sport in the world...

What sport do Canadians like to watch?

The most watched sport in Canada is ice hockey since this is what Canada is known for, ice and snow. The 2nd most watched sport is NFL football.

What is famous sport in Canada?

The national sport of Canada is Lacross, but no one really cares about that. The most important sport in Canada is Hockey. Football is also popular, along with curling.

Why is hockey the Canada's national sport?

Besides the fact that it was created in Canada it is also the most popular sport in Canada, to both watch and play.

What Canada's most popular sport?