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putting your leg behind your head cause i have a friend and he had a friend that did it and her leg got stuck

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Q: What is the most dangerous gymnastics trick?
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Most dangerous trick on a skate board?

The most dangerous trick is a 900 spin

Is Gymnastics too dangerous for Babies?

Yes, gymnastics is... it is dangerous to everyone. But most of the people i know that are gymnasts all started around toddler.

What is the most dangerous sport ever?

gymnastics and cheer leading

What is the easiest gymnastics trick?

The Forward roll is the easiest trick if you don't have to stand

Is gymnastics th second most dangerous sport?

=My daughter is a gymnast, as was I. It's probably the most dangerous sport. I have had countless injuries, my whole life, most were because of gymnastics. It didn't change how I felt about it though. I wouldn't let my daughter pursue it, if was going to kill her, or if she didn't wanna do it.=

What is the hardest gymnastics trick to do?

The toe on double front rigby

Would gymnastics be in Americas top sports?

I'm not sure but it is one of the most dangerous sports in the Americas

What type of gymnastics is most dangerous?

i think that artistic would be the most dangerous because your doing tumbles and the beam and at any time if you bend over at the wrong time or something your likely to hurt yourself.

What is the most dangerous sport ever invented?

Well.... the top three are UFC, Gymnastics, and cheerleading! Oh I thought it was rugby.

Do coaches of gymnasts think gymnastics is dangerous?

No well yes because it is but i love it anyway but it can be dangerous

What are three facts about gymnastics?

FACT 1: Gymnastics is dangerous FACT 2: Gymnastics is the funniest sport in earth FACT 3: Gymnastics can hurt and you can break something and need to wear a brace

What is more dangerous gymnastics or rugby?

There are significantly more injuries in rugby than gymnastics. Rugby is a contact sport while gymnastics is an art form that requires a lot of strength