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Through the 2011 season, it is the current streak of 8 Oregon wins over Washington. The Huskies last win over Oregon was in 2003.

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Q: What is the most consecutive wins in the Oregon vs Washington football rivalry?
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When did the Oregon - Oregon State football rivalry begin?

Per, they played their first game in 1894.

What is the longest winning streak for in Washington Oregon football history?

In the Washington/Oregon rivalry, Washington's longest winning streak is 6 games (1981-1986, 1974-1979, 1955-1960, 1908-1909 and 1911-1914) and Oregon's longest winning streak is 7 games (2004-2010).

What is the name of the Oregon Oregon state rivalry?

The Civil War

What is the oldest college football rivalry in division 1 west of the Mississippi River?

1. Oregon- Oregon State 2. BYU-Utah 3. Montana- Montana State

Who has won more national championships the university of Oregon or university of Washington?

Referring to football, the Oregon Ducks have one zero national championships, as the Washington Huskies have won 3.

What is the alltime record of Oregon vs Washington in football?

As of the 2007 season, Washington leads the series 58-36-5.

What is the alltime record of Oregon state vs Washington in football?

As of the 2008 season, Washington leads the all time series against Oregon State 57-31-4. but uw stinks

How and when did the rivalry between the U of wash andthe U of Oregon begin?

In many sports, there are inter state rivals (ex giants jets, Kansas and k state) since oregon is the capital of Washington the feud started

What is the Oregon football team?

The Oregon Football Team is an intercollegiate football team. They are otherwise known as the Oregon Ducks, and represent the University of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest.

Which state is furthur north Washington or Oregon?

Washington because Oregon is right above California and Washington is above Oregon

When was Oregon Ducks football created?

Oregon Ducks football was created in 1894.

What states have arena football teams?

There are many states that have an arena football league, including Illinois, Colorado, and Washington. Florida, California, and Oregon also have football teams in the arena franchise.

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