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The best team in the world had 19 wins spanning four consecutive Stanley Cup titles and five playoff seasons. This is a record for all North American professional sports franchises.

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Q: What is the most consecutive wins in the NHL playoffs?
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What is the record for the most overtime wins in the playoffs in the NHL?


Most consecutive wins in a row in a nhl season?

Boston Bruins - 23 wins

What was most consecutive wins by a team in the NHL in one season?


Who hold the NHL record for most consecutive missed playoffs?

Which Russian was drafted first round of a NHL entry draft

Who hold the record for most consecutive years in the NHL playoffs?

The Boston Bruins made the playoffs from 1968 to 1996 a record 29 consecutive years. The Chicago Blackhawks are next with 28 (1970-97)

NHL most consecutive wins?

The Pittsburgh Penguins had 17 conscutive wins from March 9 to April 10, 1993.

What is the record for the most consecutive wins in the NHL?

Gilles Gilbert holds the regular season NHL record for the longest winning streak with 17 wins in 1975-76.

What sports franchise has the most consecutive non-playoff appearances in the nhl?

The coloumbus blue jackets never been to the playoffs but one

What is the record for the most consecutive home wins at in the NHL?

1975-1976 Philadelphia Flyers. It will be shattered by the Wings in 2 games

What NHL team have made the playoffs the most?

The Montreal Canadiens have made the playoffs the most times.

Which team holds the nhl record for the most consecutive wins in one season?

Most Wins Regular Season: 62 - Detroit Red Wings, 1995-96 60 - Montreal Canadians, 1976-77 59 - Montreal Canadians, 1977-78 the question was most CONSECUTIVE wins, not most wins. The actual answer is Pittsburgh with 17 in 92-93

What team has the most consecutive wins at home in the NHL?

20 for the 1975-1976 Philly Flyers. Red wings will break it in 2 games

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