NFL Team with 2nd most consecutive wins?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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cots 2008-2009

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Q: NFL Team with 2nd most consecutive wins?
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2nd most World Series wins by an American league team?

Athletics with 9.

What original 6 NHL team has the 2nd most wins all time?


What MLB team has the 2nd most franchise wins?

Through the 2013 season, the Chicago Cubs have the second most wins, with 10,438. The San Francsico Giants are first with 10,692.

What team has most consecutive winning seasons in MLB?

the same team with 26 worls series titles . YAnkees! Yankees! Yankees! The Yankees just guaranteed (with their most recent win), a winning season for 2010. This ties the record for 2nd most consecutive winning seasons. The most consecutive winning seasons in MLB history: 1st - The New York Yankees: 1926 to 1964 (39 consecutive winning seasons) 2nd (tie) - Baltimore Orioles from 1968 to 1985 (18 consecutive winning seasons) - New York Yankees from 1993 to 2010 (18 consecutive winning seasons - streak still intact)

Who is the 2nd highest scoring NFL team in the 2011-2012 season?

The second most regular wins was the Pittsburgh Steelers(659).

Which National League team has the 2nd most world series wins?

If you mean "Which NL team happens to be the team that has, after the Yankees, the second most titles?", then the answer is the Saint Louis Cardinals. If you mean "Which team has, after the Cardinals, won the most titles as a NL team?", the answer is the Dodgers -- five in Los Angeles and one in Brooklyn.

What NFL team has the most wins in Monday Night Football history?

The Miami Dolphins with 72 appearances. America's team (aka Dallas Cowboys) has the 2nd most appearances with 67

Who has the most chapionchip in hockey?

The Montreal Canadians, they have far more Stanley Cup wins than any other team. That's because they have 24 Stanley Cup wins. The Leafs and the Red Wings have the 2nd most, with 11.

What sec coach has the 2nd most wins?

Steve Spurrier

Most wins in MLB history?

Player Career Wins - Cy Young, 511 Player Single Season Wins - 1884, Charles 'Old Hoss' Radbourn, 59 Team Franchise Wins - San Francisco Giants, 10,534 Team Single Season Wins - 2001 Seattle Mariners and 1906 Chicago Cubs, 116

Who wins on the Disney Channel games?

2008 Disney Channel Games 1st-Red Team Inferno 2nd-Yellow Team Comets 3rd-Green Team Cyclones 4th-Blue Team Lighting

Who has won the World Cup the 2ND most?

Italy with4 world cup wins