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This can be very opinionated, but the half mile is very difficult. It is both a distance and sprint event. It is very tiring because it is a very high octane race that lasts for a while.

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Q: What is the most brutal event in Track and Field?
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What event at the Olympics draws the most spectators?

Track and Field or swimming.

What is the most popular event in Olympic Track and Field?

Hurdles -------------------- Men's 100m

What does thinclads mean?

A term used to describe participants in a Track and Field event. The term most likely origniated from a description of the athletes' uniforms (thinly clad.)

Which school has the most ncaa women track and field championships?

I dont know but I love track and field myself.

Who made track?

The Greeks are responsible for most all the events in the modern day field track meet. The most notable event is the 26K marathon run, in memory of the marathon run to alert the next city-state to the victory of the Turkish war.

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it is midget tossing in speedos and tootoos

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Usain Bolt.

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Track & Field events have the most participants. Track and field has the largest venue and the most viewers. The 100 meter sprint is the most prestigious event in the sport.Football (aka soccer) is the worlds most popular sport but Olympic football is limited to players under age 25 in effort to make it different from the World Cup.GymnasticsFigure skatingSwimming

What sport has America won the most gold medals?

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