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In front of the net

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Q: What is the most accurate shooting place on a soccer field?
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What is an area about the size of a soccer field that was a public place in the center of Rome?


Where on your foot is the best place to kick a soccer ball?

On your inside part of your foot unless you are shooting the ball into the goal then use your laces.

Where are the NCIS field offices?

my daughter Ginny weirick will be shooting an episode of ncis in mid December. she said shooting will take place in san Bernardino somewhere. near magic mountain

What are noun words for soccer?

A noun is a person, place or thing. Nouns relating to soccer may include; -Ball -Goals -Spectators -Referee -Players -Field -Arena

What other place is there that children can play baseball besides a baseball diamond?

i guess maybe a park or a soccer field.

Is the track field and the football field the same field?

U will see that in almost all high schools.The track is built around the football field and the field events during a track meet take place on the football field.Tracks can also be built around soccer fields.

Where in the world is the best place to play soccer?

Barcelona is the best place to play soccer.

What is an American football pitch called?

The word is simply "field." It can also be described as a "gridiron" due to its marking into segments by yard lines. An American football field can also be called a football pitch. In other parts of the world football is called soccer, thus a football pitch in a place like England would be a soccer field.

What is the cost to build a soccer field?

The costs associated with putting in a soccer field will vary from place to place and with what the finished product will look like. The primary consideration is the real estate. Land is expensive. How much work will be required to clear the area? (Is the thing going to be built in a forest?) What ground or soil considerations will have to be mitigated? (Are their rocks? Is the site a swamp?) Shall the field be seeded or have sod installed? (Or is dirt okay?) If building the field includes building a stadium, costs go out of sight.

Where is soccer is least popular?

soccer is not popular in any place!!!

What country plays the most soccer?

Mexico plays most soccer in the world.Second place is England.Third place is Brasil.

Where is the best place to find soccer info?

go to Google and type "soccer"

What is a pronoun for soccer?

The pronoun that takes the place of the noun 'soccer' is it.Example: Do you like soccer? It is my favorite sport.

What happens if a fan touches the soccer ball in play?

Assuming this took place on the field, the fan is considered an outside agent (OA) and the restart is a drop ball where it was touched.

Where did the Columbine shooting take place?

It took place outside of Littleton, near Denver.

What is the national sport in Greece?

Soccer Soccer unfortunatley, but strong in second place is basketball

Where can one practice shotgun shooting?

One can practice shotgun shooting in more than one place. If you have enough land you can practice there. You can also go to a shooting range and try there.

Where is the cheapest place to buy soccer uniforms?

Modell's is the greatest place to buy sports equipment and outfits, such as soccer uniforms. They have many convenient store locations, and you can even buy soccer uniforms on their website.

What county did the Columbine shooting take place at?

Jefferson County.

Where soccer is played?

All over the place

What is the term for the place where soccer is played?


What year was the shooting that took place at Virginia Tech?

The Virginia Technical school shooting took place in the year 2007 in the month of April. It was a horrible tragedy for the students and faculity involved.

How do you position soccer players on the field?

There are 4 "jobs" a soccer player can have. They can be the goalie who is guarding the net at the end of the field, they can be a defender who are positioned in front of the goalie's box, a midfielder who is positioned in front of the defense, or a forward/attacker who is positioned in front of the midfielders. The 2 most popular ways to place a soccer team are 4 defence, 4 midfield, 2 forwards AND 4 defence, 3 midfield, 3 forwards (there is also the goalie, which there can only be 1 of).

How is astrology not accurate?

In my opinion astrology is accurate if it is accurately interpreted. For an astrological interpretation to be accurate the exact time, place and date have to be used.

Facilities of soccer?

Here's from the article I have read: There are 19 soccer fields located at Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area. To ensure quality fields, soccer field rules and regulations have been established to allow use of soccer fields for game play only. Use of the fields for practices is not allowed. This policy is key to being able to maintain quality fields for use by Columbia soccer players and has been in place for over 10 years.