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Usually, whatever the pit road speed that has been set for that race is.

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Q: What is the minimum speed of a NASCAR race?
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What is the minimum age to race super speedway in NASCAR?

to race you must be 12

What does it cost to race one Nascar race pit crew crew chief tires etc.?

It costs approximate $200,000 (minimum) to race a NASCAR Sprint Cup car in ONE RACE.

Will the cars in the movie speed racer be in future nascar?

Only if Speed Racer sponsors a race.

Is a Nascar race driver able to drive his race car around the circular track with a constant speed?


How many gears does a NASCAR have?

All race cars in the top 3 nascar touring series have 4 speed transmissions.

What is the top speed of a Nascar race car?

Around 200-215mph at talladega with drafting.

What time and channel is the nascar legends race?

not sure but a safe bet is speed or ESPN 2

Do you overlap or lap someone in a NASCAR race?

You lap someone in a Nascar race.

When was NASCAR Race Day created?

NASCAR Race Day was created in 2005.

When did NASCAR Race Day end?

NASCAR Race Day ended in 2006.

When was NASCAR Race Hub created?

NASCAR Race Hub was created in 2010.

Are Noise Cancelling Earphones needed at a NASCAR race?

No. Earphones are not mandatory at a Nascar race.