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Q: What is the minimum salary playing Canadian basketball?
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What is the minimum salary in the national basketball league?

The minimum salary of a player in the National Basketball League depends on how long they have been playing. For players first starting out the minimum salary as of 2010 is $473,604.

What is the league minimum salary for Canadian Football?

$30,000 is the minimum salary in the CFL.

What is the beginning salary for playing basketball?

There is not a beginning salary for basketball players. The average salary for a person playing professional basketball is about $3,500,000 a year.

What sport has the highest minimum salary?

Baseball then basketball

What is the average salary for a Mexican league basketball player?

The average salary for a Mexican league basketball player is around $5,000 a month. This is quite low in comparison to American players, but considering the minimum wage in Mexico is $5 a day it is actually a high salary.

What are the maximum n minimum salary of a streetballer basketball?

salary roughly between $30k and $80k on average, not much compared to their NBA counterparts

What is Allen Iverson's salary playing basketball overseas?


What is the average salary for a player playing in the british basketball league?


Who was the first player to earn a salary playing professional basketball?

limt sage

What is the average salary basketball player playing in Bosnia?

about a dollar per year

What is the average salary for a basketball player in Australia?

The NBL is Australia's main basketball league. The maximum player salary is $175,000, Australian dollars. That is just over $179,000 American dollars. The minimum is around 30,000, so the average is about 70,000 or about $72,000 American dollars.

How much does a sports commentator make?

The minimum salary for baseball, basketball, and football is anywhere from 250K-500K depending on the sport.

What is the salary for playing in the MLB?

The minimum salary as of the 2010 season is $400,000. There is no maximum, so a player can make as much as his team will agree to pay him.

What is minimum wage in the NBA?

The Minimum Annual Salary for an NBA player varies from year to year and depends on how long they have been playing in the NBA. The minimum for a 10 year veteran is far different from the minimum salary for a rookie. The minimum rookie salary in the 2010 - 2011 season is set at $473,604 USD. View the related link below for more information.

Salary of a meac basketball referee?

what is the salary of meac basketball

Are Major League Baseball players on active roster but not playing Major League Baseball still get the minimum salary?

Yes, players on an MLB active roster must get at least the Major League minimum salary, whether or not they play.

Minimum salary of the MLB?

The minimum salary currently is around 484,000 dollars.

What was the minimum salary for a NFL player in 1976?

The salary minimum for a division I NFL football team was $2,000, the salary cap was $45,000

What is the state minimum salary in Pennsylvania?

The minimum salary in Pennsylvania is $7.25.

The salary of a college basketball coach?

Here is a salary survey of college basketball coaches from all levels.

What is the Average salary for basketball players in 2007?

What is the average salary for the nba basketball stars?

What is the minimum salary for a veteran major league baseball player?

The minimum salary in MLB in the 2010 season is $400,000. The same minimum salary was in effect for the 2009 season.

Avreage salary of a Canadian football assistant coach?

average salary of assistant football canadian coach

What is the minimum salary for someone who has a bachelor's degree?

the minimum salary is $65,800 per annum.

What is minimum salary for major league baseball?

For the 2014 season the minimum salary is $500,000.