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Q: What is the minimum salary for an nhl hockey player?
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What is the minimum starting salary for an NHL hockey player?


What is the minimum salary for a professional hockey player?

The minimum salary for an NHL player is $475,00 for 2007/08 and will go up to $500,000 for next season.

Lowest paid hockey player?

there is a minimum salary for nhl players, this changes every year

What is the average salary of an NHL football player?

There is no such thing as an NHL football player. The NHL is a HOCKEY league.

Average salary for hockey players?

According to "The Hockey News" Magizene, the average salary of an NHL hockey player is about 2.3 million

Lowest amount of money hockey player makes?

I think the minimum NHL salary is $ 475,000, but I'm not 100% positive. Suggest you Google some hockey sites to make sure.

If an NHL hockey player is injured how does he get paid?

The trainers or coach will give him his salary

What is the salary range of American Hockey League players?

The salary is a lot but not even close to what an NHL player makes!!!!

What was the average salary of an NHL hockey player in the 1950's?

Ten thousand

What is the minimum wage for a pro hockey player?

If by pro hockey player you mean an NHL hockey player then $500, 000 for the 2010-2011 season. source www.

What is the average minor league hockey player salaries?

15% of their NHL Salary (15% of $500,000-800,000)

What is the mean average salary of an NHL hockey player?

The NHL's average salary for 2011 was $2.4 million, although the salaries range from $525,000 to $9.538 million a year (Alexander Ovechkin).

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