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The answer is 110 by 75 meter

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Q: What is the minimum length of a soccer pitch?
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Length of a soccer pitch?

The length of a football (soccer) pitch is 100 yards.

How long is the soccer pitch?

The Length of a football pitch is 108 metres and is 83 metres wide.

Is the length of a soccer field close to 100 meters?

Roughly, yes. The official length of the football pitch is 105 metres. This is the exact length of the pitch at Old Trafford.

What is the size of an International soccer field?

International soccer pitch sizes can vary from the minimum dimensions set out by FIFA and these are 110-120 yards (100-110 meters) in length and 70-80 yards (64-75 meters) in width.

Is it possible for a regulation field to be 100 by 100 in soccer?

No, however the maximum width is 90m and the minimum length is 90m, allowing for a 90x90 metre pitch. There exists an additional requirement that the length be longer than the width. So 90x90 would not be feasible.

Which metric unit is used to measure of a soccer pitch?

The answer depends on what aspect of the pitch you wish to measure: its length or area or something else.

How wide is a pro soccer field?

It depends, the sizes can be different The minimum and maximum values for soccer field sizes are: Minimum length: 100 yards(90 meters) Maximum length: 130 yards(120 meters) Minimum width: 50 yards(45 meters) Maximum width: 100 yards(90 meters)

What length is a Gaelic pitch?

According to regulations, the field of play for a GAA pitch has some flexibility within which it must be. The length must be 130 metres minimum to 145 metres maximum.

What is bigger a rugby pitch or a soccer pitch?

A rugby pitch is slightly larger then a soccer pitch.

What is the length of a professional soccer field?

According to FIFA - the international body that governs world soccer - the official length of a soccer field is a minimum of 90 meters (100 yards) and a maximum of 120 meters (130 yards).For International MatchesThe length is a minimum of 100 meters (110 yards) and a maximum of 110 meters (120 yards).(See the Related link to the aforementioned FIFA laws.)Either yards, or meters.

How long is a football pitch?

The length of a football (Soccer) pitch can vary between 90-120 meters.(see related link for full dimensions)

What are the dimensions for a six-a-side soccer pitch?

The field or pitch will be rectangular with dimensions of 55 meters in length by 45.7 meters in width. This is one half of a synthetic hockey pitch.

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