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No Minimum Height! :)

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Q: What is the minimum height to become a tennis player for girls?
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What was Charlotte Coopers tennis player height?


How long will it take to become a tennis player if you train once a week?

LLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to train every day for a few hours for quite a while to become a tennis player! IF you wanna become a tennis player then i wish you good luck

How do you become a profesional tennis player?

you keep practicing your skills, and become a professional!

Who is the best tennis player and how did they become the best?

Novak djovich

Do you have to go to college to become a tennis player?

No, you do not have to go to college to become a tennis player. Some professionals go right out into tournaments from high school. The college-or-no-college debate for tennis players has been around for a while, but it all depends on the skill level of the player.

When did Karine Icher become a tennis player?

She became a professional golf player in 2000.

What is the best path to become a professional tennis player?

the best path to become a professinal tennis player is follows: first of all u have determination,commitment and so on.. then the way is to ask the professinal tennis players like sania,mahesh bhupathi..

How long do you study to become a tennis player?

Basicly... your entire life.

How can a tennis player enter the Olympics?

Work harder, and train harder until you're 16., that's the minimum.

How did the American tennis player Mary Pierce become famous?

American tennis player Mary Pierce became famous for being a successful professional tennis player. She ended her career after winning four different Grand Slam events.

When did Andrew Murray become a tennis player?

Andy Murray turned pro in 2004/

How did Novak Djokovic become a tennis player?

he trained hard for his dream to come true.