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Ceiling height


Indoor or covered show courts shall have a minimum top height of forty (40) feet (12.19m), except as otherwise approved by ATP.


At indoor tournaments, the ceiling must be a minimum of forty (40) feet or 12.19 metres in height.

Davis Cup

There shall be a space from the court surface to the ceiling of not less than 9 metres clear (12 metres in the case of World Group Ties). This measurement shall be taken at the net. Applications to use a court with less than 9 metres clear (or 12 metres in the case of the World Group) must reach the ITF as soon as possible after the Draw or the completion of the previous round and at least six weeks (eight weeks in the case of Ties in the World Group) before the date fixed for the commencement of the Tie, whichever date is the earlier.

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Q: What is the minimum ceiling height of an indoor tennis court?
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