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An underarm throw in softball is basically a pitch. If you watch a fast pitch softball team, you will see that the pitcher pitches underhand.

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Q: What is the meaning of underarm throw in softball?
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Do you throw over arm or underarm in softball?

underarm An addition in the interests of not assuming too much knowledge--- Softball pitching is underarm, but the fielders almost always throw overarm after making a play on the ball. An exception you'll see pretty often would be a short underarm toss used by an infielder who has fielded the ball fairly close to the base.

Do you do over arm or underarm in the modified softball game?


Should a softball pitcher pitch the ball underarm or overarm?


How is a softball pitch?

Softball Pitch is underarm hand movement

Do you throw over arm or underarm in rounders?

You have to use an underarm throw when bowling. But if fielding you are able to use either underarm or over arm.

Can a pitch be thrown underarm in baseball?

No. Only in softball.

How is softball different from baseball?

softball has a bigger ball and despite its name, the official softball is the same hard as a baseball also, the ball is pitched underarm in softball

What do you call a softball throw?

i call it a throw. when you pitch the softball its called a pitch.

Why does baseball have an over throw pitch and softball have an under throw pitch?

Because a softball is heavier then a baseball.

What are the different skills of softball and baseball?

in softball you throw under hand in baseball you throw over hand. usually the fields in baseball are bigger than in softball.

What is a softball made out of that makes it so easy to throw?

a softbal is not easy to throw- you probably are not throwing a real softball.

What muscles are used in underarm throwing?

The whole body is actually used to do an underarm throw. However, when it comes to arm muscles, the latissimus dorsi is the main muscle used in underarm throwing.

What are the differences in the sports baseball and softball?

Softball has girls playing. Baseball has boys playing. The softball is 2 as big as a baseball. Girl Pitchers pitch underarm boy pitchers pitch over hand.

Why do people use a underarm throw in rounders?

People use an underarm throw in rounders because it is easy to catch. Of course going for an overarm throw is better for longer distances but generally underrarm throws are more precise. The bowler must use an underarm throw to the batter. If they have an out ball more than once then the batting team automatcially get 1/2 a rounder. Happy 'Roundering'

What is the fastest softball throw?


What are three things you can do to help an efficient underarm throw?

R u in IST?

How fast can a softball be pitched?

it can be pitched as fast as you can throw it. throw it really fast!

How do catch and throw a softball?

with a baseball glove and to throw it use your bare hand

What is the frastest softball throw?

114 mph

What is an out in softball?

It's when you strike out tag out or throw out

What are the types of throws in softball?

Overhand Throw and Sidearm Throw

What is the function of a softball?

=The function of a softball is for it to be played in the game, softball. You throw the ball or catch it when someone throws it to you. It's not very hard to learn.=

What 3 thing you have to know when you performing a underarm throw?

you need accuracy, power, speed

Why do softball players throw underhand?

its easier to grip, and aim the ball when you throw underhand

Why is the game of softball called softball?

They use softballs to pitch, throw, and hit with. but they are not soft