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A bounce pass is when you throw the ball from one player to the next by making it bounce rather than directly through the air.

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Q: What is the meaning of bounce pass?
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In basketball what is pass thrown to a teammate on one bounce called?

Bounce Pass

What is bounce pass in basketball?

Lol, If you don't know what a bounce pass is, then do not try out for basketball! It's when you pass the ball, but instead of throwing it, You bounce it on the floor to pass it to your team-ate. It's in the name..Too

Can you bounce the ball in netball while playing the center pass?

The Bounce Pass in normally used to get round a defender. In our squad we only use the bounce pass to get around the taller defender. If you want you can use a bounce pass for the centre pass but its often better using a chest pass or a chest dummy pass/ ;) hope I helped babe :D

What does a bounce pass mean?

A bounce pass is when you pass the ball to another person on your team and it bounces at least once before they catch it.

What is bounce pass in netball?

A bounce pass is a type of pass in sports where the ball hits the ground and bounces back up into someone hands.

Is a bounce pass a pass used in basketball?


What passies can you do in netball?

bounce pass dig pass

Can a short pass in netball be a bounce pass?


Which pass is the least common utilized in basketball?

between the legs bounce pass

What are the basic passes in basketball?

bounce pass, chest pass and over the head pass

Is a bounce pass rarely effective near the goal in basketball?

no a bounce pass is very effective because it goes underneath a defenders hands.

What are all the different Basketball passes?

Chest pass, overhead pass, bounce pass, baseball pass

What is a bounce pass?

player passes the ball with a bounce to his team mates after faking defender

What passes are legal in a basketball game?

THE answer is you can do a bounce pass,chest pass,

The forearm bounce pass?

Bump pass

What Netball Shots Are There?

overarm throw, bounce pass or chest pass.

A pass that hits the floor before going to a teammate?

In basketball, such a pass is known as a "bounce pass".

What are the three passes in netball?

chest pass bounce pass and shoulder pass jaskaran gill

What are the 3 passes in netball?

the first 1 is a bounce pass then a chest pass a last but not least a shoulder pass

What are the four main typpes of passes in netball?

Chest pass, shoulder pass, bounce pass & lob

What are the common passes used in basketball?

Bounce pass

How do you bounce pass in nba 2k11?

I don't think you can.

What is the Use of a bounce pass in netball?

Bounce passes are really only used when you are passing to the shooters from outside of the goal circle otherwise normally a chest pass or a shoulder pass is used during a game.

What is the slowest pass you can use in basketball?

The slowest pass in bball is probably the bounce pass, but if you throw a chest pass slow then that will probably be slower.

What is the slowest pass in basketball?

If you use a bounce pass that is probably the slowest pass in bball, but if you are a slow chest passer then that would probably be slower. It really is just an opinion because each person throws the basketball differently. In my opinion I throw a bounce pass slower than a chest pass.

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