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if your on a base and the ball leaves the pitchers hands you can run to the next base. that's called stealing the base

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Q: What is the meaning of a stolen base in baseball or softball?
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What does SBA stand for in softball stats?

Stolen base average

What is steal in baseball?

Stealing is the same thing as a stolen base in baseball/softball. It is when there is a person on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and they run to the next base while the pitcher is in the middle of their pitch. If the runner advances to the next base without being thrown out by the catcher, then they have stolen that base.

What is the meaning of the hot corner in baseball and softball game?

The hot corner normally refers to third base.

In fastpitch softball does it count as a stolen base when the runner advances on a pass ball?

Advancing on a passed ball does not count as a stolen base unless runner was already in the act of stealing the base, in that case it is a stolen base.

How a baseball and softball different?

A baseball is smaller than a softball softball- first base looks different Pitch underhand Baseball- overhand

What is s.b. in baseball?

stolen base

What is base load?

in baseball and softball it means theres runners on every base

What does sb mean in baseball?

stolen base

What is SB short for in baseball?

Stolen BaseIn baseball, the acronym/abbreviation SB stands for "Stolen Base."

Fastpitch Softball is the following scored as a stolen base- Runners on 1st and 3rd runner on first attempts to steal 2nd catcher throws hard to pitcher to trick runner on 3rd to go is it steal of 2nd?

No stolen base awarded as the stolen base was uncontested.

What does SB mean on a baseball card?

Stolen Base.

What do the initials SB indicates in baseball?

Stolen Base

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