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The rules for an onside kick are no different than for any other type of kickoff. On a kickoff, the kicking team can always take possession of the ball as long as it has traveled ten yards.

You might be confusing kickoffs with punts. On a punt, the kicking team can only down the ball unless the receiving team touches it first.

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Q: What is the maximum yardage for an onside kick At what point can the kicking team no longer take possession of a kicked ball but only down the ball?
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Is the distance of field goal measured from the kicking spot or the line of scrimmage?

From the spot where the ball is kicked. Punt yardage is measured from the line of scrimmage.

In football can you advance a onside kick if you recover it?

No. The kicking team may only recover and retain possession of the kicked ball, but not advance it -- UNLESS a receiving-team player had possession and fumbled the ball.

Is punt yardage calculated from the line of scrimmage or from where the ball is kicked?

From the line of scrimmage.

Can the kicking team recover a kicked ball?

Yes but only if the ball is fumbled by the other team (the runner loses possession while running or touches the football but does not catch it). The kicking team cannot recover a kicked ball if the receiving team has not touched it/fumbled. If the kicking team does touch it before the receiving team does, it is considered a dead ball and the receiving team's offense will start wherever the ball was stopped.

How does newton's laws apply to kicking a ball?

It hurts when you're kicked in the balls.

What is the most common yardage kicked in an NFL field Goal?

40 yard avg field goal. Jim Westmoreland

Can you get kicked on Minecraft?

From a server, yes. From the whole game, no. You get kicked from a server automatically for some glitches.If you mean attack kicking, no, just punching.

What is a field goal in football?

A field goal is when the ball is place-kicked (center snaps ball to a holder who then places the ball on the ground on its end and the kicker kicks it). the field goal must go between the goal posts and above the crossbar to count. The kicking team receives 3 points for a fieldgoal and must then kickoff to the other team. If the kicking team misses the fieldgoal then the ball changes possession to the opposing team at the previous spot of the ball.An extra point kicked after a touchdown is ade or it is kicked after a fourth down .

What is the verb tenses of kick?

The past tense is "kicked", the past participle is "kicked". The present tense is "kick", the present participle is "kicking". The future tense is "will kick".

Who kicked the most afl goals in 2007?

Jonathan Brown for the Brisbane Lions won the Coleman Medal for kicking the most goals in 2007. He kicked 77 goals total.

In Tennessee what is the legal age for kicking children out?

your child must be at least 30 years of age to be lagally kicked out

Could you be a kicker in football if you play soccer?

you could, but the kicking technique of kicking a football on a stand and a soccer ball on the ground is different. in football you need to tilt your foot as far out as you can to get maximum distance, but in soccer if you kicked a hard ball as hard as you could like that you would probably break something. in soccer you need to make you foot curve around the ball for accuracy. you would have the power but not the right kicking technique.

What is the ruling when a puck is deliberately kicked at a goaltender in the NHL?

A goal that is scored by a distinctive kicking motion by the offensive team is disallowed. I don't think there's any other problems with kicking at the puck.

What is the difference between a punt and kick-off?

A "punt" is when a team chooses to forfeit possession of the ball by kicking it downfield. It is a type of scrimmage kick, which means the ball is snapped from the line of scrimmage on a down play. A "kickoff" is when the ball is kicked to put it into play, either following a score or at the beginning of a half. This is a type of free kick, which does not take place on a scrimmage down. In order to legally punt, the ball must be dropped and then kicked before it touches the ground. To legally kickoff, the ball must be kicked off the ground before any players on the kicking team have moved beyond the line where the ball is placed.

What games are played by kicking a ball over a net?

Kick ball. The game with the ball being kicked over the net

What is the spelling sound of a football be kicked?

The spelling of a sound is known as an onomatopoeia. The one for the kicking of a football would be known as a punt.

How does turtles kicking help in the westing game?

Turtle kicked Barney Northrup, and Sandy had the limp, proving they were the same person.

Is kick a verb?

Yes.Example: He kicked me on the leg.Kick is both a verb and a noun. I get a kick out of kicking footballs.

Is kicked a verb or a noun?

The word 'kicked' is not a noun.The word 'kicked' is the past participle, past tense of the verb to kick. The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective.Examples:He kicked the ball as hard as he could. (verb)The kicked ball flew over the trees and out of sight. (adjective).The word 'kick' is both a noun (kick, kicks) and a verb (kick, kicks, kicking, kicked).

When a football kicked reaches its maximum height how does its speed compare to its initial speed?

When it's at its maximum height its speed will be zero.

What are tenses?

different forms of a verb, usually concerning when it is occuring. Present tense: I kick Past tense: I kicked Future tense: I will kick Present progressive: I am kicking Past Perfect: I have kicked And so on.

What is your heart rate when kicking a ball?

when kicked in the balls ones heart rate dramatically increases due to panic and loss of sperm

What does a baby kicking during pregnancy feel like?

Generally, it just feels like you are being kicked...Just alot smaller and lighter :)

How long is a field goal kick?

It depends on where it is kicked from. It would be the yardage from where the ball is snapped plus the additional 10 yards of the endzone plus seven yards (the typical yardage the holder sets behind the center). Therefore, if the fieldgoal is kicked from the 40 yard line, it would be considered a 57 yard fieldgoal. That's only six yards short of the NFL record of 63 yards, held by Saints kicker Tom Dempsey.

What is the penalty for illegal possession of firearms in the Philippines?

no penalty its a free country you can do what you want. stupid.. you go to jail or kicked out of country