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The series is the best of 5. In other words, whoever wins 3 games first. If both teams win 2 games, then there will be 5 games played. If one team dominates and wins the first three games, then there are only 3 games.

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In the current format, all Division Series' are "Best of 5." Therefore, per individual series, there is a potential for 5 games maximum. With a total of 20 potential games maximum possible for the entire Divisional round which features 4 separate matchups between 8 total teams.

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This question is better understood if the terms are more up to date. In the post season, Baseball has a play off system to settle on the two teams that will play in the World Series. The first play off game is a one game affair. The winner then goes onto the next set of play off games. There the winner is the team which wins the best out of 5 games. The next "series" is a playoff where its the team with the best of seven wins. At this point a team has qualified for the World Series which is also the best of seven games to be declared the best team in baseball.

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Best of 5

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Q: What is the maximum number of total baseball games that could be played in the Major League Baseball Division Series playoffs?
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There's a maximum of 25 to a Major League Baseball Roster from the start of the Regular Season until September 1 then the maximum is increased to 40 but it is decreased back to 25 once the Playoffs start. There's no limit to rosters during Spring Training.

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How many games per series in baseball?

3 or 4 games are played, unless it's a tiebreaker at the end of the season then it will be 5, if they have a 4 game series.Another answerDuring the Regular Season there can be between 2-4 games in a series between 2 teams each however in the Postseason there can be up to 5 games and a minimum of 3 games in the first round of the Playoffs (aka the Postseason) which is called the Division Series. The 2nd round of the Playoffs which is called the League Championship Series as well as in the final round of the Playoffs which is called the World Series can each have a maximum of 7 games and a minimum of 4 games.

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In the same way as the potential 3-13 play-off team, there could be a division where the four teams split the wins between them and win all their games outside their division, so all four teams would finish 13-3. Only the division champions plus a maximum of two wild cards from the division would qualify for the play-offs, so a 13-3 team would be guaranteed to miss out.

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How many games in MLB playoffs?

The amount of games in Major League Baseball's playoffs each Fall varies, depending on the series. If a tiebreaker is necessary to decide the Wild Card from either division, then a single game will be played between the tying teams to determine who enters the playoffs as the Wild Card. The first round, also known as the Division Series (ALDS for the American League, and NLDS for the National League) is a Best-of-5 series with a winner determined after three total game wins. The winner of this series advances to their league's Championship Series (ALCS and NLCS), which is a Best-of-7 series. The two teams that win the two Championship Series will then face one another in the finals of the playoffs, known as the "World Series". Like the Championship Series, the World Series is a Best-of-7, with the winner taking all after four wins. Because these are a series of "Best-ofs", the amount of games played each year in the playoffs may be greatly different. If every contention between two teams is a clean sweep, the amount of games played will be far fewer than average. Conversely, if every series goes to its maximum number of games, the playoffs will take longer than usual.

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