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The first professional league of American football was formed in 1920.

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There is no maximum age, but you will find once a player hits 38 he will seriously think of retirement. However, some players have played well into their 40's, mainly goalkeepers.

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Q: What is the maximum age for playing football as a professional?
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When did neymar start playing professional soccer?

neymar started playing football at the age of 3

What got Kaka into football?

he started playing football at the age of 4 because he got a football for Christmas and never stopped playing with it

Which age to playing football in football club?

The lowest age it 18 to play on the reserve team if drafted to play.

What is the maximum age requirement for playing basketball in the NBA?

There is none.

What age did Nathan buckley started playing football?

At 30 years of age

What age do premiership footballers stop playing football?


What is the age limit of playing high school football in Texas?

41 years of age

Football club playing with mfg logo?

the age to play as a reserve with the football team playing with fmg logo is18 years and above.

Is it too late start playing football at the age of 17?

Yes as by this age you will have a short career.

How old is to late to become a professional footballer you are 21?

For American Football, 21 should be around the age for a draft. For football as soccer, I have no idea.

When did Messi started playing soccer?

there are clips on youtube of messi playing football at the age of 7/8 so before then i imagine

How old do you have to be to play football?

Footballers start playing football at a very early age. Most start as soon as the can stand up and kick a ball. Between the ages of 5 and 14 potential footballers will be scouted by professional clubs and enter an academy. By the time a a player has left school he will have been offered a professional contract by a club and will play football professionally. It is very rare for a player not to be chosen to enter an academy and yet still be offered a contract. The chances of eventually being offered a contact are very small and only the most gifted and hard working players actually make it.