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Gravity does not affect total mass, no matter where in the universe the Bowling ball travels. Therefore, a 7 kilogram bowling ball will always be 7 kilograms.

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Q: What is the mass of a 7.0-kilogram bowling ball on the surface of the moon?
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What is the mass of a 7.0 kilogram bowling ball on the surface of the moon?


Which has more mass a bowling ball or a table tennis ball?

a bowling ball

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Yes. The weight of a ball is one of the most important factors to consider when buying/using a ball. If your ball is too heavy you won't have the speed you need to get the ball to the other end with enough momentum left over to crash through the pins, and also your swing is more likely to go all over the place. Similarly, if your ball is too light, you will have too much speed and your ball will just bounce off the pins (especially if it's plastic) and not hit the full set of pins. Also, when your ball is too light you tend to swig your arm faster and become more reckless in terms of accuracy.

What makes a bowling ball harder to stop than a soccer ball when they are both traveling at the same speed?

The bowling ball is harder to stop because it has a greater mass, and therefore a greater momentum. But the answer is that the bowling ball has a greater mass.

The mass of a bowling ball is 7.25 what?


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Yes, because a bowling ball is more dense than a soccer ball. A bowling ball is solid all throughout while a soccer ball has its outer layer, but has air inside of it. Hope that this answer helps! :)

If a bowling ball and a soccer ball are rolling along the ground at the same speed the bowling ball has more of this because its mass is greater?