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Q: What is the mascot for the Cleveland Indians baseball team?
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What baseball team plays in Cleveland?

Cleveland Indians

What is Indians baseball team name?

Cleveland Indians

Indians baseball team what city do in they play?

Cleveland Indians

What baseball team starts with a i?

Indians (Cleveland)

What state do the Indians baseball team play?

The Cleveland Indians play baseball in Ohio.

A baseball team that its team name starts with the letter I?

Indians (Cleveland)

What baseball team had a mascot named recycle man?

The Spokane Indians (Minor League baseball).

What is Cleveland baseball team name?

The IndiansThe Cleveland Indians are a Major League baseball team that plays in the American League Central.

What is Aubrey Drake Graham's favorite baseball team?

Cleveland Indians

What was the name of the baseball team in the movie hardball?

The Cleveland Indians.

What was the original nickname of the Cleveland Indians baseball team?

The Indians entered the American League in 1901 as the Blues.

What has the author William R Blackwood written?

William R. Blackwood has written: 'Sketch book of the Cleveland Indians' -- subject- s -: Baseball, Biography, Cleveland Indians - Baseball team -