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Q: Indians baseball team what city do in they play?
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What state do the Indians baseball team play?

The Cleveland Indians play baseball in Ohio.

Which professional baseball team did roger maris play for?

The professional Major League Baseball teams that Roger Maris played for were the Cleveland Indians, the Kansas City Athletics, the New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals.

What city did the bees play their Major League Baseball baseball?

San Jose but that was a minor league team not a MLB team.

What city do the Texas rangers baseball team play in?

Arlington, TX

What do cavaliers have to do with Cleveland?

They are the respective NBA basketball team for that city. Just like the Browns in football, and the Indians in baseball

Which city does the professional baseball team called the mariners play in?

Seattle, Washington

Who are the Cleveland Indians?

The Cleveland Indians are a Major League baseball team from Ohio. They currently play in the Central Division of the American League. The club was established in 1901 as the Cleveland Blues.

What baseball team did sandy alomar jr play for 1990?

Padres, Indians, White Sox, Rockies, Dodgers, Mets and Rangers.

Which city do the Knights play in?

If you mean the minor league baseball team Charlotte North Carolina.

What is Indians baseball team name?

Cleveland Indians

Where is the Cleveland indians baseball team located?

The Cleveland Indians professional baseball team is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Since being established, the Indians have won two world series in 1920 and 1948.

Are the New York Mets a baseball team?

yes, they play in new york city at Citi Field

A baseball team that its team name starts with the letter I?

Indians (Cleveland)

Where does Trevar Basur play baseball for?

As of August 17, 2013, Trevor Bauer is a Starting Pitcher that is a part of the Cleveland Indians organization however he is currently with the Indians' Triple A team which is called the Columbus Clippers.

What baseball team starts with a i?

Indians (Cleveland)

What baseball team did Bob Feller play for?

Bob Feller played for two teams. The Cleavland Indians (which he also GM for) and the Chicago White Sox's

What professional baseball team plays in a city in Washington?

The Seattle Mariners play baseball in Washington state in the city of. . .you guessed it, Seattle. The Washington Nationals are located in Washington D.C., not in Washington state.

If you play on a varsity baseball team can you play on another baseball or travel team?

yes. I currently do this now

What Major League Baseball team starts with the letter I?

The Major League Baseball team starting with the letter I is the Indians (Cleveland).

What is the mascot for the Cleveland Indians baseball team?


What baseball team plays in Cleveland?

Cleveland Indians

What is the Indianapolis baseball team?

they do not have a major leag team they have a minor leag team called the Indianapolis Indians

Who was the first team play hull city?

The first team to play Hull city was Notts County in 1904.

The Yankees Baseball team belongs to which state?

The Yankees play in New York city, which is located in New York state.

What team does Asdrubal Cabrera play for?

Cleveland Indians