What is the major sport in Indiana?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is the major sport in Indiana?
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What is Indiana's state sport not the name?


What are the major deserts in Indiana?

There are no deserts in Indiana.

What is the most important sport that Indiana is known for?

Definitely basketball. The movie Hoosiers is about Indiana basketball.

What sport does the Hoosiers from Indiana practice?

basketball dummy

What is Indiana's major religion?

Hinduism is the major religion of India. If your question is about the U.S. state of Indiana, the major religion is Christianity.

What is Indiana's sport teams?

Football: Indianapolis Colts Baseball: None Basketball: Indiana Pacers Hockey: None

What are the major sports in Zambia?

I believe soccer is probably the major sport in Zambia

What is the state sport of Indiana?

Driving slowly (and poorly) in the left lane.

Do you need to take PE in College?

No, you do not unless your major is a sport. If a college student's major is a sport then, Yes, you will have to take a class in that sport.

What are major sports in Indiana?


What are the major products of Indiana?